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Institute of Sports & Physical Medicine – Kolkata, India – (ISPMK)

Promoted by a team of professionals & spearheaded by a very renowned orthopaedic surgeon of the country, the Institute is the first of its kind in India. Professional team has combined experience of more than 100 years in the healthcare & corporate sector.

The Institute (ISPMK) has been set up with the prime objective of being a Centre of Excellence for all kinds of sports & physical medicine related assessments, injuries, rehabilitation and rejuvenation. The Institute shall be housed inside a high speciality orthopaedic hospital in Kolkata.  The location of the Institute is in Salt Lake, one of most prime localities of the city of Kolkata. It is close to the International Airport and very near one of the largest composite stadiums in the world – Salt Lake Stadium with a capacity of 100k spectators. Government of India’s major sports promotion authority – Sports Authority of India, Eastern Centre is also located very close to ISPMK.

Dr. Joydeep Banerjee Choudhury, the chief promoter director & orthopaedic surgeon with over 25 years of experience including working for over a decade in the UK will be the guiding force for ISPMK. Dr Banerjee Choudhury is an expert in orthopaedic surgery for sports related injuries and is extremely popular in the sporting community of the city.

Regular functioning of the Institute shall be headed by Dr. Laila Das a very renowned doctor in the field of Sports Medicine in India. A specialist in the field of Sports Medicine, Dr. Laila Das has served the sporting community of India for a more than 35 years and was in charge of sports medicine for national sports teams. She has also served as chief of sports medicine at the Sports Authority of India, Eastern Centre at Kolkata.

The other pillar for making ISPMK a truly global centre of excellence in the field of Sports & related activities, Institute has the renowned Brazilian footballer, Jose Ramirez Barrette as its Technical Director. After enthralling football lovers in India with dazzling Brazilian flavour for more than a decade, Barreto is currently also engaged in grooming stars for tomorrow as a licensed coach.

To serve the sporting fraternity and other users Institute has a team of qualified & experienced physiotherapists, sports physiologists, sports psychologist and sports nutrionitionists. The team is ready to address all issues in this specialised field.

The Institute will be a state of the art, truly world class facility, with the very latest equipment & gadgets used in physical medicine for sports related injuries, assessments and rehab.  The Institute has also tied up with the one of most famous global technical institute “Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur” for continuing research in the areas of sports physiology including bio mechanics. The fruits of such continuing research, scholars would be engaged in R&D at the ISPMK premises as well.

As part of its continuous improvement journey and gain from global experience, ISPMK would be tying up with other international institutes, universities of repute for reciprocal trainings and sharing of knowledge and expertise.


Sports Kinesiology & Injury Prevention

The ability of the human body to move effectively and efficiently is key to the outcome in all sports. Integrating biomechanics and functional anatomy, kinesiology allows us to study human motion. ISPMK uses kinesiology to investigate new methods for optimising human movement to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes of all ages and abilities.Institute shall work for design, development and delivery of sport performers/performances at a local, regional, national and international level. This includes athletes, coaches, managers, administrators, clubs and schools.

Expertise includes:

  • Lower limb injury biomechanics – Evaluating landing and cutting movements, quantifying lower limb stiffness and monitoring load to understand injury risk factors and develop physical preparation and technique programmes.
  • Running and cycling mechanics – Identification, development, and optimisation of musculoskeletal movement protocols to improve performance and reduce injury risk.
  • Sport injury risk profiling – Functional movement screening, concussion risk assessment and evaluation of asymmetries in athletes force/torque production to predict injury risk.
  • Sports kinanthropometry – Identification, development, and optimisation of body composition to aid athletic performance.
  • Sport injury epidemiology – Survey design and analysis to identify risk factors and help develop and evaluate injury prevention programmes.

Sports Performance Analysis

Enhancing the performance of athletes and coaches through the analysis of technical, tactical, physiological effort, movement patterns, profiling and behaviour in both the training and competition environment. Institute would connect with industry professionals looking to improve their performance and/or potential through the integration of theory into practice. ISPMK would be responsible for the design, development and delivery of sport performers/performances and its analysis to relevant stakeholders.

Sports Physiology & Nutrition

Evaluating the physiological responses and adaptation to exercise, and determining the efficacy of novel physical training and ergogenic interventions to enhance sport performance. Sports nutritionists at the Institute work to recommend the ideal nutritional and dietary chart to create the best performance in the field of sports and physical medicine.

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