Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery: 4 Important Stages

A Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the most important operative procedures that is aimed at alleviating limited mobility and pain in the knees and restoring mobility to patients. Before opting for this type of surgery, it is important to know the things that can be expected during the process of recovery. Here are 4 important stages involved in this type of operation.

Post-surgery period in hospital

After Knee Replacement surgery, recovery begins immediately. Many patients have to remain in the hospital for a couple of days after the process. Hospital staffs generally offer medicines to alleviate pain, and they also like to restore mobility to knee joint. It begins minimally, even when the leg just dangles from the bed. Such type of mobility is important for beginning the process of recovery.

Recuperation at home

With a brief hospital stay after a major surgery such as this, the process of recovery will be at home actually. After you come back to the general routine, you have to practice stability and balance. Basic tasks such as sitting, standing, taking a bath, moving between rooms etc are involved in the recuperative process.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Doctors often prescribe outpatient physical therapy to patients, to assist in knee joint rehabilitation. Therapists begin with increasing mobility over a period. At times, they can also advise carrying out some workouts at home with no help from a therapist. Generally, this is when you move ahead with outpatient therapy and can carry out strict movements safely, on your own.

Physical Activity and Workouts

In the stage of recovery, the ultimate step is to reincorporate into a standard workout regimen, and participating in your usual physical activities. It is generally advised around 8 to 12 weeks following such an operative procedure. This is generally the amount of time taken to find stability in your knee again. Although you might be given the nod to get back to standard workout habits, your joint does not generally get recovered completely for as long as 1 year following an operation. Thus, you would like to exercise caution for a long time.

All these 4 stages constitute the recovery process after replacement surgery for knees. Expert orthopedic surgeons inform patients about what should be expected during, prior to and after any such operative process. It helps cure the anxiety sensations related to this kind of surgery, as well as get ready for what lies ahead.


5 Ways To Prevent Knee Pain And Keep On Running

Knee pain can be very haunting at times as it will make your physical activities slow. As a result, an active man can become inactive at times. Let us find out the effective ways to deal with knee pain. The following are the tips to avoid knee pain.

  1. Don’t assume on the cause of pain

There are several reasons for knee pain. For example, people at a very young age might have pain due to sports injuries. But, aged people can get this pain more frequently. There is a tendency among people to assume it as arthritis. It is always good to go for a proper diagnosis instead of assuming.


  1. Inflammation can be the reason

The knee pain can take place due to inflammation on your knees. If due to some activity there is wear and tear of your knee tissues, it is likely to get torn. This will lead to damage to the cartilage. This also led to the bone to bone friction.


  1. Signs and symptoms of knee pain

RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) is one of the effective cures there is swelling on your knee without any trauma. You can try this for 7-14 days. Watch whether the pain is reduced. If even then if you don’t get any positive results to go to a physical therapist.


  1. Inflammation management

If you have inflammation on your knees, it is always better to apply the simple first aid at first. Thus the RICE or rest, ice, compression and elevation would be the best thing. Resting will always give you a break from the tough physical activity that you are going through. Icing is really important in that particular area as the blood flow will be restricted and the pain will reduce as well.


If you apply a tight wrap or a bandage on your knee area the excess blood flow will be restricted and you can get relief. It is also important to elevate your knee by raising your leg up to a position.  Doing this will bring your blood flow back to the heart. Thus, recirculation of blood will take place and this in turn will reduce knee pain.


  1. Physical therapy/ physiotherapy

Most of the doctors and even surgeons give the advice to go through physical therapy. This is usually done by the experts in biomechanics and anatomy. This treatment restores full function to your joints and muscles. Also, this restricts the injuries from returning again.

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Top Treatments for Knee Joint Pain & Ways to Heal the Pain

Treatment of pain in the knee joint aims at reducing weakness, swelling, instability and pain. Some treatment works effectively in its initial stage after there is knee injury and some offers effectual result for long term conditions. To get effective result, it is necessary to treat knee pain from its root. Curing only the symptoms might give instant relief but the problem can revert back after a few years. So, it is essential to treat the exact cause of knee joint pain.

For instance, a person might be suffering from inflammation and pain but, his actual cause might be instability or weakness.

Top Treatments for Knee Joint Pain

Let’s have a look at some of the top treatments that can cure knee pain without knee replacement surgery in Kolkata.

  • R.I.C.E

PRICE or Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate,is the most effectual treatment for knee joint pain in case you have some injury. This treatment process paces up healing, reduces swelling and pain and gives protection to further injury. You must consult a physician to know its diverse elements and to use it efficiently and safely.

  • Strengthening Exercises

Most of the time weakness in muscles is the key reason for knee problems. Hence, strengthening of leg muscles is the best all-round treatment option for knee joint pain. This strengthening exerciseworks on the stability and strength of the knee and improvesits functioning. It virtually cures all kinds of knee pain. You can use resistance bands to add challenge and variety to this strengthening exercises.

  • Medication

Medication is a common toll to treat knee joint pain. There are diverse kinds of drugs that can reduce pain and prevent swelling. However, always consult a doctor before taking any medication.

  • Leg Stretches

Tight muscles are one of the common causes of knee pain and make subtle changes to the way forces move to different parts of joints. Leg stretches is a useful treatment for pain in knee joint. Doing stretches reduces the tension on the joint. There are different types of stretches which can professional can only guide you. Experts can also say how minimumeffort can obtain maximum benefit.

  • Ice & Heat

Ice plays an important role in treating knee joint pain in its initial stage. It reduces the flow of blood to that area thereby preventing internal bleeding, and associated pain and swelling. Heat is a natural treatment for knee pain to heal long-term problems.

Consult a doctor to know about some effective knee joint pain treatments before undergoing knee replacement surgery in Salt Lake or any other place.

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4 Tips to Beat Your Knee Pain on Stairs

Going up and down stairs creates extreme pressure on the knee joint and cap. Hence, nothing to be shocked about here if you face knee pain while walking on the stairs. Getting up and down stairs requires a combination of strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance of your body and knee. Any kind of inflammation, irritation, swelling, and damage can increase your knee pain. People who are struggling with this problem try to avoid stairs to reduce the pain. Knee replacement surgery in Kolkata can be the best solution to experience a quick result. Apart from that, a few changes can give you relief too. Here are the tips that will help you in reducing your knee pain on stairs—

Take one step at a time:

While you are facing pain in your knee on stairs, you have to control your movement. Don’t be in hurry. Try to take one step at a time. Though it will reduce your walking speed, however, the pressure on your knee will be less.

Use the right leg:

Using the right leg while using stairs can do a lot to reduce your pain. However, choosing the leading leg depends significantly on whether you are getting up or down. While you are getting down, use your bad leg, on the other hand, while you are going upstairs, it is better to use your good leg first. While you are trying to follow these tips, don’t forget to think about knee replacement surgery in Salt Lake. When trying the remedies are not enough to reduce your pain, it is better to consult with an expert orthopedic.

Help yourself with a stick:

Having extra support is always better to reduce your pain on stairs. You can use a crutch or a stick. You can take one step at a time while using support. You need to be careful about placing the crutch or stick on the right stair to avoid any accident.

Improve your strength:

When your muscles are weak, there is a huge chance that you will face knee pain-related issues. If your muscles fail to support your knee, the pressure will affect the knee bone and joint. This situation leads to pain. Your muscles may lack endurance and instantaneous strength. By improving your strength, you can solve the issue.

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Preparing for a Total Knee Replacement? Here Are the Essential Points to Remember

Though surgery is a complex procedure, you cannot avoid it when your knee pain is unbearable. You can opt for knee replacement surgery in Kolkata to enjoy its amazing and long-lasting benefits. You will start experiencing the results just after the surgery and the results will last for years. For a successful surgery experience, you need to care for a few things before and after the surgery. Here are the things that you should know before entering the operation theatre—

The surgery should not be the first line of treatment:

Surgery is essential when you cannot tolerate the pain or you cannot move your knee freely. Apart from the surgery, other treatments may suit your condition. However, in this case, seeking advice from an orthopedic surgeon is the best thing. If your issue can be solved with medication and exercise, then surgery is not needed. Remember all knee pain cannot be treated with surgery. There are alternatives that you should try before surgery.

Is your age eligible for the surgery?

No matter how much pain you are tolerating, a total knee replacement surgery will not be possible if you are younger than 50. Patients who are of 50-80 age are best suitable for the surgery. A replacement knee won’t be better than your original knee and will not last forever. Hence, if you are young, visit the best knee replacement doctor in Kolkata and start alternative treatments.

Preparing for the surgery:

Total knee replacement surgery includes a complex procedure. The preparation for the surgery begins one month before the surgery. The patient has to be in a certain physical condition before the surgery. Several medical checkups will be done before the surgery. The entire surgery will be completed under general, spinal, or epidural anesthetic.

The recovery period:

Here comes the most significant part of your surgery. It is a crucial time as you won’t be able to do anything freely for a few weeks. With proper guidance from your orthopedic surgeon and the right diet, you will pass through the critical time. When you will feel a little better, a physiotherapist will help you with the required exercise routine. You can get back to your regular life within 3 months of the surgery.

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