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Why You Should have Vitamin D after Your Knee Surgery

December 23, 2021 by admin0

Opting for knee replacement surgery is not a joke for anyone. Though there are several medical amenities these days, however, the recovering period is still crucial and a patient needs to be very careful throughout the entire journey. There are countless do’s and don’ts, which doctors will suggest to you, among them taking good care of your diet and medicine is the primary one. And when it comes to taking daily food and supplements after the surgery, Vitamin D supplements or Vitamin D enriched natural food options come first on the list. It plays a significant role in speeding up your recovery. To know how Vitamin D can boost your post-operation health, read on the following points—

Men over 50 and women over 40 usually suffer from bone density issues. And they cannot move their knees, waist freely and these issues end up by opting a surgery. As the deficiency of Vitamin D can cause several bone diseases, if you don’t take the right amount of vitamin D after bone surgery, then your recovery journey may affect.

Vitamin D helps the human body to absorb calcium and phosphorus from the food you are eating daily. And when you are going through knee replacement surgery recovery, then the requirement of calcium and vitamin D is essential for you. Osteoporosis patients should include vitamin D enriched food in their regular diet or they can intake supplements as well.

Including regular vitamin D supplements plays a significant role in decreasing bone turnover and increasing bone mineral density.

Patients who are suffering from osteoporosis and knee surgery are advised to take vitamin D however, before starting any medicine, talk to your doctor first. The right dose of the vitamin will help you strengthen your bone health, reduce injury risk, and decrease infection chances. Apart from that, in treating various sports injuries, vitamin D is essential. According to research, as it improves bone health, regular consumption of this vitamin will enhance sports performance too.

If you are planning to include vitamin D in your diet, then don’t forget to consult with the best orthopedic surgeon. JBCH is one of the renowned bone care clinics in India and offers top-class bone-related treatment facilities at the best rate.

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