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Why Concussions are one of The Most Under-Reported Medical Condition across the Globe?

June 28, 2019 by admin0

Concussions are one of the most neglected brain injuries across the globe. A recent study conducted by a sports journal stated that out of ten shocks six goes unreported, which is highly alarming. The best way to reduce that number is by providing better education to players regarding the consequences of head concussions.

In reality, providing training to the athlete is not enough; the parents and enough should also get trained regarding how to identify a head injury and the symptoms of it. The journal also stated that the long term effect of head injury is what makes concussion a severe threat to the well being of an athlete.

The alarming statistics which came to light: While conducting the survey, the experts noticed a trained among young athletes, which is not at all worth appreciating; young athletes while engaging in body contact sports often ignore head injuries to look strong in front of their peers and harm themselves in the long term. The experts feel that every player should get basic training in identifying a concussion so that he can locate his peer who suffered such an injury.

The international body of football regularly trains their referees to identify head injury and made strict regulations to stop the game in case of any head injury. In spite of all the efforts, the number of unreported cases is increasing with every passing year. The reasons which our expert held responsible for less reported cases of concussions are; firstly, the player does not want to look in front of his peers, secondly, they fear that getting substituted with an injury can hamper their reputation and lastly they feel hiding the damage will help them to remain on the field for longer time. Each of the reasons can easily get regarded as highly superficial as a treatment for concussion in early stages probably takes a week to recover which is not much when the entire career of a player is at stake. A person suffering from a broken leg on the field and getting subbed from the field has less long term effect when we consider head injury.

The long term effects: The long term effects of concussions are depressions, headaches, and in some extreme cases, Alzheimer’s. The report forced many sports bodies to sit up and take notice of the situation, and they are bringing in new rules to strengthen themselves further to identify such conditions and handle better in the future.

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