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What to Expect after Your Ligament Reconstruction Surgery

December 15, 2021 by admin0

Ligament reconstruction surgery is a crucial surgery and requires great care after the surgery. In the human body, a total of four ligaments are present. These connect the thigh and skin bone. Among the four ligaments, ACL, Anterior Cruciate Ligament plays the most vital role in stabilizing the knee. Your Knee will not work if the ACL is not in good condition. Maximum sports injuries happen when the ACL becomes weak. As a result, your knee will be unstable.

ACL tear is a common yet dangerous issue. Though a timely done surgery can solve the issue, however, the post-operation lifestyle will be a challenge for all patients. If you have done your ligament surgery recently and are worried about the consequences, then here are the things that you can expect after the surgery—


Will I need to wear a brace all time after the surgery?

Yes, the brace is required to keep your graft healthy. When your muscles will be strong enough to protect the graft, there will be no need of wearing the brace.

What are the risks after the surgery?

All types of surgery include a few risks. A ligament construction surgery has some risks too. There is a chance of infection however, by taking antibiotics you can reduce that. You may face nerve injury or bleeding, blood clots in the knee area. An experienced surgeon will advise the right treatment or medicine to solve these issues.

How to manage the pain?

After the surgery, having pain medicine will be essential for you to manage the pain. Always take the prescribed dose and have medicines in full stomach.

When to start physical therapy?

Physical therapy is the best way to recover from the surgery. And you can do the same when you have passed the crucial first week of the surgery. Search for a therapist before your surgery and book the appointment according to your convenience.

When to join the office and competitive sports?

Usually, it takes six months to join office jobs and nine to twelve months to competitive sports, however, it depends on the patient’s health condition significantly. A healthy lifestyle and a strict routine of physical therapy will help you recover soon.

As doing the surgery at a reliable hospital and being guided by an experienced surgeon is important, post-surgery care is equally important for all patients. Hence, never ignore your recovery period. Take the right food, do physiotherapy and visit your doctor regularly. For any joint and bone-related issue, JBCH is the best hospital in Kolkata. Associated with renowned orthopedic doctors, the clinic offers top-class treatment facilities.

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