Most people are aware of spine fracture and know that it is a serious injury. Also, it can go to severe issues once not treated immediately. Among this spine injuries once can come across 3 major types of group. Those are extension, flexion as well as the rotational fractures. Among them, the rotational fracture is the one that takes place when bending or movement of the spine takes place from side to side too often.

The occurrence of the flexion fracture takes place when the vertebrae of a person bend. When there is flex in the neck or the back too much there comes the occurrence of the rotational fracture.

Different parts of the spine

The expert says that the spine includes 24 bones. Each one is stacked one at the top of the other. These are connected with one another and bind in such a way that it develops a protective shield for the spinal cord. At the base of the spine, the 7 small vertebrae exist. Also, it forms the neck and includes the cervical spine.

There is a part known as the spinal canal which acts as a medium for the spinal cord and the nerves to travel. This acts for carrying the message between the brain and the muscles. Also, there is an existence of the inter-vertebral disc between the vertebrae. Those are of shapes like round, flexible and flat. Also, their thickness is around half inches. These are really very effective as they act as the shock absorbers when you are in motion.

What is rotation fracture?

The fracture that takes place when there is too much movement from one side of the body to another backed by bending act is known as the rotation fracture. There are two varieties of rotational fracture.

  • Transverse process fracture– This is the type of rotational fracture that takes place due to extreme bending in sideways. But, this won’t affect the stability of an individual.
  • Fracture dislocation– Another type of rotational fracture takes place when there is a movement of the soft tissue and bones off the vertebrae. This is one of the critical conditions in human body which can affect the stability of an individual.

Treatment of fracture

When you speak about the treatment of rotational fracture there will be variation in the procedure. Surgery is one of the ways. Another way is with the procedure of bracing. This is non-surgical in nature. It is preferred not to go for surgery and create stability with non-surgical method.

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