The surgery is one of the crucial parts of an individual’s life. Knee replacement is one of the vital procedures where recovery and rehabilitation are very important. Even if the surgery is successful if in some case if the recovery procedure is not proper there is a good chance that you have to compromise with the result of the surgery. There are certain stages right after the surgery of knee replacement which the patient and the family members need to follow.


Activity within 24 hours after surgery

Once your knee replacement surgery is done, a particular person or a physical therapist will be assigned to you. He/she will guide you and help you to take a few steps with the help of a walker. Now, there is a difference between the individual who stands up and starts walking immediately after the surgery with those who cannot do so. If you can stay active and belong to the previous category there is a good chance that you will recover soon.


What should you do after returning home?

In most of the cases, the individual going through the knee replacement surgery gets discharge and reaches home after 2-3 days after the surgery.  But, there are cases where some patient reaches to rehabilitation centres. This happens when there is a chance that the patient won’t get enough care and nursing at home.


In most of the cases, the majority of patient resume their work just after six weeks of surgery. But, again it matters whether only one or both your knees went for surgery. If the replacement is for a single knee the time taken will be less. Again, if it for both the knees the time is taken for recovery will be more.

The Orthopedic doctor will suggest some knee strengthening exercise after he/she leaves for home. Also, there are some medicines which some patients need to take in order to get complete pain relief.


When to start driving?

Today, most of the people drive as it becomes convenient for them to travel in their own car rather than moving with the public conveyance. Now, what will happen if the person who drives has gone through the knee replacement? In such a situation it is important to see the particular knee where the replacement is taking place. If that is so, it is important to take rest for some time. Once he/she is fit, the driving can be started.


When to return to an active lifestyle?

 The knee replacement is just like maintenance of your old car. Your knee will be very capable to go ahead with several different types of activities. It is quite easy to get back to the active lifestyle schedule. Some of the activities which you can adopt are cycling, swimming, golfing, slow-paced tennis, etc.


There are certain activities that are now allowed for the people who have gone through the knee replacement. Those are playing football, playing basketball and jogging.

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