Knee replacement Surgery Kolkata

Knee pain is persistent and can be troublesome for you. It hampers your mobility and dominates your regular lifestyle indirectly. The good news is there are various medical treatment options these days that can solve your knee pain. If you are living with severe knee pain, then it is time to search for the best knee replacement surgery clinic in Kolkata and get rid of the pain forever.

As mentioned already nowadays multiple treatment options are available, you will have more options than surgery. Hence, without wasting time, let’s read the article to know about some most-popular non-surgical and surgical treatment options—

Non-Surgical Options:

Pain Medications:

Treating knee pain in the primary stage starts with consuming pain relieving medicines. You can try these medicines too, however, after a doctor consultation. Taking medicines is not a permanent solution. You can get temporary relief with pain reliever medicines.


Injections with steroid and anti-inflammatory agents are another option to try for knee pain. Steroid injections work faster than any medicine. You should look for the best knee replacement surgery clinic in Kolkata when medications and injections don’t work for you.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) treatment:

PRP treatment is an effective treatment for treating joint and sports injuries. Plasma is collected from the patient’s body, then injected into the targeted area. Platelets are a type of blood component which causes clotting and stimulates healing. PRP treatment triggers the body’s healing mechanism and heals painful knees within minutes.

Physical Therapy: 

Physical therapy is an effective option to reduce knee pain. When your pain is tolerable you can try different types of exercises. Doing these exercises under the supervision of an expert physiotherapist is essential.

Surgical Options: 

Total Knee Replacement Surgery: 

When non-surgical options do not work for you, surgeons will suggest total knee replacement surgery. In this surgery, damaged knee parts are removed, and artificial parts are attached.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery:

Partial knee replacement is another option that you can try. In this surgery, one of the three knee components is replaced. The part can be medial, lateral, or patellofemoral regions. Partial knee replacement is less complicated than total knee replacement.


Osteotomy is appropriate when the patient is physically active and suffering from one-sided wear and tear due to poor knee alignment. Osteotomy is a process that stops the further process of knee osteoarthritis.

Treatment for knee pain in Kolkata—

The reason for your knee pain can be multiple. And there are different treatment options for you too. If you are facing any knee pain issues, don’t hesitate to visit JBCH, a dedicated orthopedic clinic in Salt Lake, Kolkata. The clinic has the most experienced orthopedic surgeons who will offer you the best treatment.

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