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Top Ways of Joint Pain Management during COVID-19 Lockdown

August 28, 2021 by admin0

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has changed lives for the worse. It has affected physical as well as emotional health significantly and has also affected mobility in many ways. For people who are affected by health issues such as arthritis, it is especially important to care for their health. These are some of the most important ways of management of joint pain at the time of Covid-19 lockdown. According to eminent Orthopedist Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joydeep Banerjee Choudhury of the Joint & Bone Care Hospital (JBCH Hospital), these are some of the best ways to manage joint pain during the lockdown.

Work out

When there is an insufficient amount of physical movement, it affects the muscle mass in the body directly. This also had a very negative impact on the metabolism, causing a rise in weight – which puts the joints under strain. You need to work out regularly, or on most days of the week, in order to keep your body fit. When you keep your body weight under control, it can keep the joints and muscles fit.


You can carry out simple exercises every day at various times, so as to make your body move and stay fit. It is a good idea to perform yoga and other simple exercises. You might also work out on equipment such as exercise cycles or treadmill, which can be set up even at home, although these can be difficult if you suffer from arthritic conditions.


Maintain a proper physical posture

Also, you have to pay proper attention to the body posture. Avoid actions such as bending or slumping from your waist, and straighten your body from your knees. As Dr. Joydeep Banerjee Choudhury says, one needs to maintain your physical posture as one work on a PC, use a mobile phone, watch TV, read books etc.


You have to sit on a firm chair at all times while carrying out the above activities. If you do these in a lying down posture, it can reduce blood circulation in the body and affect your posture very badly. If you suffer from back pain problems due to bad posture, you can perform stretching and yoga. These can be useful for you in making your joints and muscles much stronger.


Do not lift heavyweights

Avoid pulling or lifting heavy objects at home or weights at the gym. If you suffer from cervical spondylosis, you always need to care for your neck. It is important to move the neck from time to time, for proper movement, and prevent jamming of the muscles located therein.


Follow a proper diet

The lockdowns have helped curb bad diet and bad foods habits for many, for lack of the same as well as for fear of reducing natural immunity. It is essential for you to follow a good diet that can boost your bone health and benefit the muscles all over your body. Avoid the consumption of aerated drinks, spices, sweets, carbohydrates and oily foods. You should consume plenty of water, nuts and fruits to stay healthy and fit at home.

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