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Top 5 Myths and Confusions about Joint Replacement

October 31, 2018 by admin0

Around 180 million people out of the global population suffer from hip or knee problems. Over two hundred thousand individuals opt for hip or knee replacement surgeries. When properly conducted, joint replacement surgeries can successfully cure such issues. Find out about 5 of the top myths and confusions related to joint replacement.

It is expensive

It is a general perception that hip and knee replacement surgeries are extremely costly. That is not true. In most cases, the surgery is performed only once in a lifetime and offers joint pain relief permanently. From that perspective, the process is much cheaper than constant treatments for the remaining years of life. Many go on living in pain and the discomforts in walking with daily activities being affected by damaged joints, assuming that these surgeries are very expensive.

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Any surgeon can handle such operations

Many people make the big mistake of not checking the experience of the surgeon while going for joint replacement therapy. Research shows that patients receive the best results when operations are handled by surgeons who are experienced and have dealt with many surgeries. However, when patients opt for treatment at the hands of inexperienced doctors in poor facilities, they suffer from pain even after surgeries.

There are serious side effects

It is commonly believed that there are negative effects when implants, which are foreign objects, are put inside the body. Although there is a possibility of such issues, if the process is conducted by an expert surgeon with high-quality equipment in standardized and hygienic facilities, there are very low risks of reactions. Even after the operation, when patients are supervised by trained staffs after the surgery for a few days, there are little or no risks of side effects.

You can wait until the pain is intolerable

That is far from the truth, and if a physician informs that you require Joint Replacement Surgery, it is important that you act upon his advice. You always need to immediately act on his recommendation, so that long-term tissue or joint damages can be avoided. Steroids or medicines can never offer long-term cure when a doctor recommends a replacement therapy. An expert surgeon always asks for exams and assesses whether you actually require the operation before suggesting it.

The surgery has an age limit

On the contrary, one is never too old or too young. Surgeons operate on people as old as 89 years or as young as 22, who can go back to an active life after the surgery.

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