Orthopedic issues increase in aged people. With time bone loss increases and several damages start to control your movements. Whether it is mild pain in your joint area or redness on your knee, you should visit the best orthopedic hospital in Kolkata to treat the issue. Orthopedic issues become worse when the issues remain untreated or ignored. 

It is better to visit a doctor when you are injured or see redness on your knee joint or suffer from pain. The number of orthopedic issues and conditions is numerable. These vary as per the patients and age. Though avoiding the issues completely is impossible, however, a few changes in your lifestyle and diet can minimize the risks. In this blog post, a few common orthopedic conditions will be shared. Read the following points about the issues and take precautions now—

ACL Tear:

ACL tear is a common condition that leads to serious orthopedic conditions. When ACL tears from the bone such conditions happen. The situation creates pain and instability in your joint area. Physical therapy and surgeries are the only options to treat the issue. 

Back Pain:

Back pain is a general issue that can be caused for several reasons. The treatment for the issue varies according to the type of back pain.

Torn Cartilage:

Cartilages are tough tissue that stays on the border of the bones where the bones join a joint like the wrists and knee joint. Cartilage supports the joint and controls its movements. A torn cartilage cannot offer the best support to your joints and creates pain. If you are facing such pain, visit your nearest orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata to get rid of the issue. 

Ankle Sprains: 

Running at high speed, jumping, or walking can create ankle sprains. Ankle sprains can happen any time when you are not careful and misplaced your feet. It is better to see an expert as soon as possible to reduce the pain. 


 Arthritis can be caused for many reasons. Wear and tear on the joint areas are the common causes of this issue. It creates inflammation, severe pain, and stiffness in the joint area. The knees, neck, hips, and hands are the areas where arthritis occurs. 

Apart from the mentioned points, there are more orthopedic conditions that can minimize your daily activities. A severe orthopedic condition may arise from mild pain, hence, always visit an orthopedic surgeon if you are facing pain in your joint areas. JBCH is a leading orthopedic hospital in Kolkata that can solve all your orthopedic conditions. Visit the clinic now to get the right treatment. 

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