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Top 4 Healthy Food Items to Build Strong Muscle and Bone

February 23, 2019 by admin0

As you cannot breathe without oxygen, you cannot live without food. Food can be the best friend of your health and an enemy as well. How you are eating or preparing the food controls the benefits of the food items.

As foods play a great role in building the muscles and bones, you have to be more careful about the food habit that you are continuing. When it comes to having strong muscle and bone, Calcium is the main property, which you cannot overlook. To have the right proportion of this mineral, you have to change your diet and put some calcium riched items into it. Let’s read on to know about the healthy items to spice up your diet plan—


Salmon comes first in the list of healthy food items. Apart from the other healthy properties, it is loaded with Calcium, which will help you in building your muscles strong. You can make salmon with steamed rice or salad with salmon for lunch. These days, there are various YouTube channels, which are providing various recipes with this fish. You can try them by using any species of the fish.


Most of the children hate to drink milk and there is no denying that you were surely one of them. If you still have the same dislike for milk then you will never have the muscle and strong bone, you are trying to have. Milk is loaded with vitamin D and other minerals also. It is super easy to drink a glass of milk after your dinner or at breakfast rather than preparing and cooking something for wholesome food.


It is often heard that green leafy veggies are great for human health. Do you know it plays a significant role in your muscle building? If you eat one cup of spinach daily, you will have 25% of Calcium of your daily requirement, which is great.

Fortified Foods:

Fortified foods are enriched with micronutrients and various vitamins. There are various fortified products in the market, like- orange juice, milk etc. hence, to enjoy the benefits of fortified foods, arrange the breakfast table with a glass of fortified juice or milk and some pieces of bread, which is also a good option to have minerals in your diet.

Being fit should be the first priority of yours. Enjoy your healthy lifestyle by putting these above-mentioned items in your food palate. Have a fit body and healthy life.

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