Orthopedic Doctor In Kolkata

An Orthopedic surgeon is a trained professional who is dealing with several musculoskeletal issues that are related to joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. Minimum irregularities in these areas can cause you serious joint pain. Finding the best and most reliable orthopedic doctors in Kolkata will not only help you diagnose your issue but also treat the issue completely. Many issues can happen in your musculoskeletal health, and a tiny pain is enough to hamper your regular movements. A wrong posture during sitting, walking, walking, or exercising causes severe orthopedic issues. An orthopedic doctor is an expert in treating all orthopedic issues. Below are some of the orthopedic conditions in which your local orthopedic expert can help you—

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Conditions:

Orthopedic doctors try their best to cure the issue without performing any surgery. For this reason, multiple non-surgical treatment options are available. Doctors use different tools to examine and cure the issues.


Suggesting different pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medicines is the first step to reducing the pain. These medicines offer instant relief from the pain.


Different types of tools like braces, splints, and artificial foot support are used to correct abnormal walking patterns or to reduce pressure from the foot.

Injection Therapy: 

Different types of injection options are available that block the pain signals from reaching our brains. Find the top orthopedic doctor in Kolkata to experience this injection therapy.

Physical Therapy: 

Another non-surgical option to treat your knee pain is physiotherapy. Regular exercising can improve your joint and bone health. Remember, doing these exercises with a physiotherapist is essential. A wrong posture or movement when your knee or joint is already weak can be dangerous for your health.

Surgical Options: 

Apart from the mentioned non-surgical options, surgical options are there too. When non-surgical treatments prove to be a failure to cure your issue, surgeons opt for surgical options. Surgeons perform different minimally invasive surgery processes. Total knee replacement and partial knee replacement are the two common orthopedic surgeries. Total knee replacement surgery is more complex than partial knee replacement surgery. And the results vary too.


Apart from treating your pain or suggesting surgery, your local orthopedic surgeon will do more for you. The expert will guide you on how you can avoid knee injuries and maintain your bone health.

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