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Top 3 Possible Reasons for Hand Pain and Numbness

February 23, 2019 by admin0

One needs to be cautious when there is a paralysed hand or a sore hand. We all do needful and everyday activities with our hands. Therefore they need to be resourceful and functional all the time. A paralysed hand can be the symptom of many dangerous diseases that can take a problematic form at any moment. Enlisting below are the reasons that will help one to figure out the possible causes or clauses for hand pain and numbness. This types of pain often pop up with mild effects and then can take a stable form with uneasy days and can lead the patient to be frustrated over days of medications and nurtured movements. Let us take a deep insight into the following clues.

1) Cervical radiculopathy- There is a root in our brain that has got a specific name for itself called cervical root. Well, the cervical root gets burned up or compressed from a bone spur or herniated disc, numbness readily imbibes in the person. The person may not realise at the beginning, but soon the numbness spreads all over. Cervical radiculopathy can give shock surprising pain at any moment and can drive anyone crazy. Eight cervical roots in the spine have their exits from both sides the spinal canal through a structure name vertebral foramen. They help in the functioning of many body parts such as arms, shoulders hands and fingers. They are also the inborn carrier of the sensory nerve to the skin that initiates the feeling of sensation.

2) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- The syndrome involves the compression of the median nerve in the Carpal tunnel. The median nerve is the accumulation of ligaments that branch through the wrist and makes its entrances into our hands. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has a similar effect as Cervical Radiculopathy because it involves the same results and covers the same body part that is our hands.

3) Rheumatoid arthritis- It is the most common disease nowadays. Rheumatoid arthritis causes a sensation of tingling and numbness in hands. The disorders have same effects parallel to the same part on the other side of the body. An example can define it better. For example, if the left hand has a deterring effect due to numbness, the right hand would have the same. The disease grows from anywhere and covers up the whole body with the change of time. It affects the person dastardly because of the parallelism.

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