The human being can walk, move, bend, stoop, and twist with the help of hip and bone coordination. The proper movement of joints plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the entire body structure. Hip bone is one of the vital parts of the human body without which major body movement will become restricted. Following are some common causes of hip pain:


  1. Trochanteric Bursitis – People having this physical condition will get inflammation of the bursa. This leads to degeneration of the soft tissues around the hip. This takes place at the outer portion of the hip joints.


  1. Osteonecrosis- When the body has blood that is extremely inadequate this issue can take place. Since the cells and bones get very less blood, the cells are likely to die. This may lead to the collapse of the bone.


  1. Hip labral tear- The function of the labrum is none other than holding the ball of the vital bone-in thigh. Also, the position of holding should be right at the hip socket. But, when there are conditions like frequent movement, trauma, etc, the tears of the labrum takes place.


  1. Fracture of hip- The aged people with the issue of osteoporosis can get hip fractures. If the fracture is severe, the treatment is surgery. There is a system of repairing it through a metal plate.


  1. Stress fracture- This physical condition is common among athletics or sportsperson. People participating in high impact sports can get into this trouble.


  1. Snapping hip syndrome- This is a single term used for 3 types of problems in the hips. The IT band snapping above and exterior of the thigh causes the first problem. The deep hip flexor impulsive over the front portion of the hip joint is the second one. Again the 3rd one is due to tears in the labrum, cartilage, etc.


  1. Tendonitis- The fibrous structure exists around the bones and muscles which are known as tendons. This portion can become inflamed, swollen as well as irritated. As a result, extreme pain takes place,


When to seek treatment?

 Several symptoms will notify the right time to seek treatment. Following are some of them:

  • An injury due to sudden fall that triggers hip bone.
  • Sudden pain in the hip
  • An intense pain
  • Swelling and redness in the respective area
  • On hearing of popping sound in bones

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