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Hip pain is a common ailment experienced by many people at some point of their lives. A variety of reasons can cause this discomfort, and knowing its exact location helps to understand the underlying cause of the pain and appropriate treatment for it. The problems in the hip joint cause paininside your hip or groin area, and problems with muscles, tendons and other soft tissues cause pain on the outer side of the hip, upper thigh, or outer buttock. Most of them can be treated at home with the following proper measures:

Take Rest:

This is an important measure to reduce hip pain. Avoid straining your hip or putting pressure on your hip. Also, avoid sleeping on the side of your hips and hold any posture that strains your hips.

Cold Or Hot Compress:

Apply ice packs to your hip to relieve the pain, as cold helps to reduce pain and tenderness by numbing the affected area. Hot compresses help in relieving pain caused by tightened muscles by improving blood circulation in the affected area. Both compresses are effective in reducing inflammation.


Over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen & acetaminophen are another effective way of reducing hip pain. However, it is suggested to be cautious and consult a good orthopedic doctor in Kolkata before consuming them, especially if you are on prescribed medications for other ailments.

Physical Exercises:

Gentle exercises and stretching increase mobility and strengthen hip muscles which eventually play a role in reducing hip pain.

Massaging and acupuncture treatments are other alternatives besides the above-mentioned points. Slight lifestyle modifications, like maintaining a healthy body weight, having good posture, avoiding unnecessary activities which strain the hip joints, and wearing supportive and comfortable shoes, prevent the risk of hip joint pains.

There might be some serious underlying reason for the discomfort if the pain does not reduce even after applying the above measures. Apart from that, self-diagnosis carries risks of additional complications. Thus, it is necessary to consult with orthopedic experts for proper diagnosis and course of treatment.


Hip pain can be for various reasons, ranging from a simple sprain to arthritis. Thus, it is crucial to consult the best orthopedic experts who can understand the underlying reason and suggest suitable treatment. Joint & Bone Care Hospital (JBCH) is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Kolkata, comprising highly qualified orthopedics and joint replacement surgeons with a trail of successful surgeries. Consult JBCH’s most reliable experts for effective and efficient relief from joint pains. With the right medical attention and nutritional changes, you can get relief from hip pain permanently.

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