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Thinking of Evasive Treatment Option For Hip And Knee Joints, Don’t Just Stop Reading To Know Why?

May 17, 2019 by admin0

Think of a person suffering from joint or hip arthritis should always go for non-evasive options before leaping into some evasive surgical procedure. There are many complications which can arrive once a person goes under the knife and person whose pain is still within manageable level should go for the non-evasive option. In today’s blog, we will talk about a few of the best non-evasive options when it comes to treating this painful condition.

  1. Medication for joint pain and swelling: When the pain is well within the manageable range, it is advisable to take oral medication or in some cases, intravenous medicines instead of surgery. There are several doctors available in the city that can treat a person with good medicine to treat swelling and tackle the constant pain.
  2. Physical therapy for hip arthritis and knee arthritis: There is no alternative to physical therapy. A person not suffering from this painful condition should consider using medicine to keep this type of problems at bay. Now, for a person suffering from it should go for a more professional option like a certified therapist who will chalk down plans exclusively for you.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight: The source of all joint problems is overweight. A person carrying extra weight will tend to suffer from joint and hip arthritis. A healthy diet coupled with proper exercise can help significantly in treating a person taking that excess weight. But it is best to get in touch with a nutritionist before beginning with your weight loss program. A certified nutritionist will help to make a diet plan containing all the necessary nutrients required for the body to perform appropriately.
  4. Hip and Knee braces or assistive devices: This is more of aggressive treatment, and people in need of braces are close to getting evasive treatment. A brace helps to support the knee joint externally and thereby reducing the load on the joint to a great extent. Assertive devices such as a cane is another option for people suffering from hip joints problem.
  5. Injection options for hip and knee arthritis: It is an excellent alternative to surgery. It is mostly a delaying option, and people in need of injection to continue with his day to day work may finally go for that surgery. The steroid injections are the most common injection when it comes to treating this pain. The other option is a hyaluronic acid injection, which is a concentrated form of protein and comparatively less harmful than steroids in the long run.

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