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Technological Advancements in the Joint Replacement Surgery

October 11, 2018 by admin0

The surgical procedure of joint replacement is a complex procedure, and as a result of that, proper care and precision are required by the doctors for the successful completion of the surgery. The way the procedure works is that the abnormal lining and bone segments of the joints are surgically removed with extreme precision, and the new parts are properly inserted in their place. The materials used for the new parts may be made of carbon-coated implants, metal or specific kind of plastic. After the completion of the surgery, these newly replaced parts enable the patient to move their joints again with little or no pain.

Two of the most critical aspect for the successful completion of the surgery is that the doctor should take care of proper alignment and Accuracy.

The procedure

It is known that there is a space or a gap between the between the bones whenever the knee is bent or straight.  Utmost care is taken in the procedure, and the vital step in the replacement procedure is that the gaps should match because if the gaps do not match, it can, later on, lead to the pain and instability as well as issues in the range of motion.

Various steps are ensured for the completion of successful surgery, but the starting steps are to ensure proper balance and accuracy.

The total sharp focus is to be maintained by the doctor as well as the high amount of accuracy when it comes to the most crucial step of the surgery, which is to cut away the damaged bone and ensure the correct position and alignment of the new joint.

It is necessary to follow the directions and advise of the therapists and the surgeon to see the best results after the completion of surgery.

Use of technology for ensuring the precise and successful joint replacement

There are plenty of tools which are readily available for the surgeons, and they provide a higher rate of precision and accuracy. That has led to the increase in a number of successful joint replacement surgeries.

  • Digital Template: The surgeon uses an advanced computer program which can craft a digital model of the injured body part of the patient such as hip, shoulder or knee. The software shows the accurate details which can be helpful in determining the cuts and removal of bone or cartilage.
  • Robotic assistance: The robot assists the surgeon in making the precise cuts, and it is considered just as an accurate It is to be noted that the surgeon will always be in control and the robot is strictly for the assisting purpose.
  • Customized Implants: Customized implants and improve the accuracy and can effectively match the exact anatomy of the patient, making the replacement process much easy.
  • Computer Navigation: Aid of computer navigation is taken by the surgeons to know the exact detail as to where to remove the cartilage or bone with high precision.

The tremendous rise in the number of successful joint operation of the patients in recent times is due to the advancements in technology and research, making it effective and more comfortable for both the patients and doctors

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