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Is Something Wrong With Your Orthopedic Health? Know How!

Orthopedic issues could be quite subtle at the early stage, and you may not recognize the symptoms in this stage until the problems get to a critical phase. And the critical stage of orthopedic problems requires advanced treatment by an expert orthopedic doctor in Kolkata and complex methods for the cure. That’s why it is important to track your orthopedic time after time so that you can take quick action for the treatment of such issues. Of course, there will be some common early signs that most of us often overlook or shrug off, thinking them to be harmless. But that’s one of the general mistakes that orthopedic patients make and they realize that after reaching a complex stage. To help you understand the signs early on, here are some things take you must consider.

Intuition and Doubts

More often, we all experience an intuitive feeling when there’s something wrong with our health. People now even search on the internet to learn the reasons behind certain symptoms. Regarding your orthopedic condition, if you feel such an internal sense that you require a visit to the doctor, do not ignore it. After all, prevention is better than cure. And often, a simple visit to the doctor can save you from impending serious health issues. Orthopedic conditions can be healed quickly if the treatment starts from an early stage, and it is the same for any other health issue, so delaying the treatment is never a smart choice. Act now so that you don’t have to regret it later.

The Presence of Pain

We often overlook pain in the bones or joints, and that is a sure mistake. Because every discomfort in the body happens for a reason. Even if the pain and you can easily tolerate it, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about, especially if the pain is recurring. Even if it all seems normal, the underlying reason could be serious. So, no matter where you feel the pain, shoulder, knees, hips, or back, whether it’s mild or severe, the presence of pain tells you about the condition of your orthopedic health.

Reduced Flexibility

If you feel that your joints are not as flexible as they once were, although this is something that happens with the aging process, it can also be felt at any age. The typical problem that occurs is you feel pain or irritation while flexing your joints as you do heavy or even ordinary tasks. Curbed flexibility in the joints of hips and knees can make getting up from a sitting position a challenge as well. So, along with aging, you may experience these problems. However, as soon as you find limitations and irritations in movement and flexibility, you should know that your joints’ orthopedic condition is not all well.

Now, as soon as you identify joints or bone-related issues, it is really important to consult with an expert orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, at JBCH, we have boarded expert orthopedics to serve you with excellence in one of the best orthopedic hospital in Kolkata. Do not neglect your orthopedic problems because the sooner you start the treatment, the better it heals.

Orthopedic Doctor In Kolkata

Tips To Treat Hip Pain And Get Relief

Hip pain is a common ailment experienced by many people at some point of their lives. A variety of reasons can cause this discomfort, and knowing its exact location helps to understand the underlying cause of the pain and appropriate treatment for it. The problems in the hip joint cause paininside your hip or groin area, and problems with muscles, tendons and other soft tissues cause pain on the outer side of the hip, upper thigh, or outer buttock. Most of them can be treated at home with the following proper measures:

Take Rest:

This is an important measure to reduce hip pain. Avoid straining your hip or putting pressure on your hip. Also, avoid sleeping on the side of your hips and hold any posture that strains your hips.

Cold Or Hot Compress:

Apply ice packs to your hip to relieve the pain, as cold helps to reduce pain and tenderness by numbing the affected area. Hot compresses help in relieving pain caused by tightened muscles by improving blood circulation in the affected area. Both compresses are effective in reducing inflammation.


Over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen & acetaminophen are another effective way of reducing hip pain. However, it is suggested to be cautious and consult a good orthopedic doctor in Kolkata before consuming them, especially if you are on prescribed medications for other ailments.

Physical Exercises:

Gentle exercises and stretching increase mobility and strengthen hip muscles which eventually play a role in reducing hip pain.

Massaging and acupuncture treatments are other alternatives besides the above-mentioned points. Slight lifestyle modifications, like maintaining a healthy body weight, having good posture, avoiding unnecessary activities which strain the hip joints, and wearing supportive and comfortable shoes, prevent the risk of hip joint pains.

There might be some serious underlying reason for the discomfort if the pain does not reduce even after applying the above measures. Apart from that, self-diagnosis carries risks of additional complications. Thus, it is necessary to consult with orthopedic experts for proper diagnosis and course of treatment.


Hip pain can be for various reasons, ranging from a simple sprain to arthritis. Thus, it is crucial to consult the best orthopedic experts who can understand the underlying reason and suggest suitable treatment. Joint & Bone Care Hospital (JBCH) is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Kolkata, comprising highly qualified orthopedics and joint replacement surgeons with a trail of successful surgeries. Consult JBCH’s most reliable experts for effective and efficient relief from joint pains. With the right medical attention and nutritional changes, you can get relief from hip pain permanently.

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A Brief on Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kolkata

With increasing age, several problems will arise in the body as in this modern generation people work more than expected. People work overtime to earn extra money. Increasing work pressure increases the overall stress on the body physically and mentally. If you imagined getting Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery in Kolkata, then you are probably wrong. You need a sufficient resting period for your body. Most of the time, the situations are not critical, but an appointment with the doctor is recommended a few times as it might help.

You will have symptoms like severe pain, swelling, stiffness, and many more. If you are facing all of these, you should visit the best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kolkata. We will share a little information about what you should not do if you face the symptoms. First, do not touch the area much, secondly, keep your body at rest and contact a doctor if the pain is unbearable and finally, do not consume any medicine without proper or half knowledge without the doctor’s recommendation.

If you are feeling better after a couple of days, then the pain was temporary, which might have occurred because of any injury or improper body posture for much time. If you are overweight, it is recommended that you shed a few pounds ( it puts extra pressure on the hip area )as it will surely help your body. You can also try a few other ways, like taking hot showers. This will tighten the muscles of the hip area and will help in better contraction and relaxation of the muscles. This may also occur because of having a poor lifestyle.

Not working out for much time can also be a reason for such stiff hips; it is better to work out for some time to have better health than to have such a problem in the future. Sustaining or bearing such kind of pain is in your hands if you take care of yourself from the very beginning to avoid such problems in the near future.

In the end, the final words will be pain is only an option, and if you are facing severe issues with your hip and also having the above-mentioned symptoms, it is recommended to visit the best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kolkata for further clarification and get relief from the pain. They will be the best person to relieve you from the pain and suggest to you all the necessary medicines, exercises and all the details of the problem you are facing. According to your treatment, they will design a layout which will surely help you in the long term.

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Some Tips to Know There is Something Wrong with Orthopedic Health

Orthopedic problems are not always detectable at an early stage. They become evident in the critical phase when treatment becomes challenging and condition turns into a chronic one.That is why, it is crucial to keep a check on orthopedic health and promptly contact an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata or any other reputed city, as soon as you notice some joint-related problem or bone issue.In fact, any issue gives some early signs which most people shrug off or overlook and this is where they make the mistake.

How will you know if there is some orthopedic issue?

  • You have doubt

When there is some issue with orthopedic health, you get an intuitive knowledge about it. This will, further,arise doubt within you whether everything is alright. Some people even do online research to look for symptoms and signs. Therefore, if you think that there is something wrong or if you have any doubt, immediately approach a renowned orthopedic doctor for checkup. Since you are doubting something about your orthopedic health, is the first sign that everything is not at good health.

  • There is a pain

Many people have a pain in the joints, which they overlook. This is a grave mistake. You should [ay hid to even a mild pain, especially if it is recurring. Underlying reason behind a pain can be serious. Therefore, whenever there is some pain in any part of the body, knee, shoulder or back, and no matter how much severe it is, it is evident that orthopedic health is not in its right condition. You need proper diagnosis from the best orthopedic hospital in Kolkata.

  • Curbed flexibility

When there is some orthopedic problem, you will see that the joints are not as flexible as they were. You cannot fold the knees comfortably. Similarly, you will find that you cannot also bend properly, without an irritation or pain in the hip and knees. Many people face a problem in getting up from their sitting position, its seems to be a challenge. Flexibility and agility reduce with age but, if you find some limitations to these, you should understand that orthopedic health is not correct.

It is advisable that the moment you sense some problem in the joints and knees, you should approach an experienced orthopedic doctor in Kolkata for proper diagnosis and treatment. The sooner you start the treatment, it is better for you. Delaying will only worsen the condition, making treatment expensive and less effectual.

Orthopedic Doctor In Kolkata

Factors That Increase the Risk of Osteoarthritis in People

Do you know what is osteoarthritis? It is a degenerative joint disease causing swelling, stiffness and joint pain.In osteoarthritis, cartilage in between joints breaks down and so, the smooth surface is also disrupted. This, in turn, disturbs the normal gliding of bones. With lesser cartilage, bones tend to rub against each other while moving, resulting in pain and more friction. There can be mild to severe symptoms in osteoarthritisin knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers and hands.

Osteoarthritis mostlybegins during middle age.Any person can suffer from this disease but there are some factors that can increase the risk of disease in a person. Have a look at them…


  • Age

Age plays a significant role in osteoarthritis because aging causes wear and tear in joints. The more the joints are used,the more they undergo wear and tear. Moreover, with age, joints lose shock-absorbing ability. As a result, joints experience stress from activities like standing or walking.

  • Obesity

Obesity or overweight gives stress on the weight-bearing joints like knees and hips. Do you know that with every pound that you gain, load on the knee joints increases four pounds when you exercise or walk. Therefore, losing some pounds from your body will help in reducing joint pain and improve functioning of people. The best orthopedic doctor in Salt Lake will advise you to have proper body weight to avoid joint pains and other severity.

  • Old injury

If you have a joint injury previously, then it might result in osteoarthritis in the later stage. It is because damaged cartilage might not completely heal. Injuries which have higher risk are – broken bones round a jointor injuries affecting ligaments. Thus, whenever there is some injury, you should contact the best orthopedic hospital in Kolkata to get the right treatment.

  • Genetics

At times, osteoarthritis can trigger as a genetic disease. Experts opine that a number of genes can be involved in causing this disease but, they are not sure about the exact ones. they also do not have any knowledge about the number of genes that might cause this disease.

  • Gender

Osteoarthritis can affect women and men equally. However, women have greater risk of developing this disease. Hormonal change in women during menopause leads to bone thinning and hence, they have greater risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Nevertheless, various osteoarthritis treatments are available these days. So, no sooner that you face a problem, you should see a doctor.