7 Signs You Are Ready for a Knee Surgery

If your knee is not okay, nothing will be easy for you. From walking to sitting at your office desk, everything will be painful for you. However, not all painful knee conditions should end up with surgery. The patient has to be in the right condition to be eligible for the surgery. A few clear signs indicate that you should opt for surgery or medicine is not the best solution for your treatment. To know what are the signs that make you ready for a knee replacement surgery, continue your reading to this blog post—

You might say yes to the surgery if you face the following issues—


Medicine is the primary care to treat any kind of joint pain. However, if your pain remains the same after taking high inflammatory medicine, then definitely, it is time.

Severe pain:

When you are facing severe pain in your knee joint area and minor actions like bathing, sitting, dressing is becoming tough day by day for you.

You are walking with a walker:

When you need the help of a walker to walk. Walking with a walker is not the ultimate solution. Hence, surgery is the best solution in that case.

You are between 50-80 years old:

Maximum patients who opt for surgery are between 50-80 years old. It is the age, which experiences maximum knee-related issues. Though there is no specific age requirement for this surgery, however, people of this age face more issues hence, at this age surgery is the best and most common solution.

Your knee is deformed:

Your knee can be deformed due to an accident or arthritis. Severely deformed knees are a reason for the operation of many patients.

Visual changes of your Knee:

The way your knee is looking is as important as how it is feeling. If your knee is changing its appearance, then it might be the reason for inflammation. When your leg swells, it is a clear sign that you should visit a surgeon.

When it is not the right time for knee surgery:

  • When your pain is bearable and responding to the medicines.
  • You are doing your regular activities easily without facing any pain.
  • Physiotherapy is reducing your uneasiness in moving.

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