Recovery from a Joint Replacement Surgery: How Many Days You Need to Recover

Joint replacement surgery takes time to heal. The recovery procedure is not a tough one to deal with, however, it takes patience and time. The recovery time depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition significantly. By understanding what can disturb your recovery period and what are the things you should not do, you can enjoy a smooth and quick recovery. The blog post is about the recovery journey from replacement surgery. Continue your reading to know more about the topic—

Hips or knees: which takes more time to recover?

According to medical experts, a hip joint is simpler than a knee joint. The operation of a hip joint takes less time than a knee replacement surgery. The knee joint carries the entire weight of the human body, and it plays a significant role in moving the body and keeping it upright. The surgeons have to do a more complex job while fixing a knee, on the other hand, hip replacement surgery is an easy one. It takes minimum time to complete and offers quick recovery.

A knee replacement surgery in Kolkata usually takes 3-12 months to be recovered and a hip replacement takes 2-6 months. As mentioned earlier, the recovery time depends on the patient significantly. Following the doctor’s guidelines is a must-to-do job. Eating on time and including the proper amount of food in the diet also plays a vital role in recovery. Apart from all these, the patient needs to be active in physiotherapy. After following all these guidelines, it is up to the patient when he or she wants to return to the regular lifestyle.

How long a joint replacement surgery takes?

The time of the surgery is the same in all clinics or hospitals. A hip replacement surgery will take 1.5 hours, and a knee replacement surgery will be finished within 2 hours. The total time spent in the hospital depends on the hospital, the patient’s condition, and the surgeon’s opinion.

When the patient can go home?

After getting admission to the hospital, the patient has to be there for 2-3 days. The surgery will be done within the same day, and once the patient feels better, the doctor will discharge the patient. Remember, the recovery period starts just after reaching home. You need to be careful about all the things, including your movement, food, rest, and more.

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