Knee replacement Surgery Kolkata

Preparing for a Total Knee Replacement? Here Are the Essential Points to Remember

Though surgery is a complex procedure, you cannot avoid it when your knee pain is unbearable. You can opt for knee replacement surgery in Kolkata to enjoy its amazing and long-lasting benefits. You will start experiencing the results just after the surgery and the results will last for years. For a successful surgery experience, you need to care for a few things before and after the surgery. Here are the things that you should know before entering the operation theatre—

The surgery should not be the first line of treatment:

Surgery is essential when you cannot tolerate the pain or you cannot move your knee freely. Apart from the surgery, other treatments may suit your condition. However, in this case, seeking advice from an orthopedic surgeon is the best thing. If your issue can be solved with medication and exercise, then surgery is not needed. Remember all knee pain cannot be treated with surgery. There are alternatives that you should try before surgery.

Is your age eligible for the surgery?

No matter how much pain you are tolerating, a total knee replacement surgery will not be possible if you are younger than 50. Patients who are of 50-80 age are best suitable for the surgery. A replacement knee won’t be better than your original knee and will not last forever. Hence, if you are young, visit the best knee replacement doctor in Kolkata and start alternative treatments.

Preparing for the surgery:

Total knee replacement surgery includes a complex procedure. The preparation for the surgery begins one month before the surgery. The patient has to be in a certain physical condition before the surgery. Several medical checkups will be done before the surgery. The entire surgery will be completed under general, spinal, or epidural anesthetic.

The recovery period:

Here comes the most significant part of your surgery. It is a crucial time as you won’t be able to do anything freely for a few weeks. With proper guidance from your orthopedic surgeon and the right diet, you will pass through the critical time. When you will feel a little better, a physiotherapist will help you with the required exercise routine. You can get back to your regular life within 3 months of the surgery.

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The Right Time When You Should Opt for a Replacement Surgery

According to maximum orthopedic doctors, “what is the right time for a surgery?” is the most common question that patients ask. And the answer is, it does not matter how bad or well your knee is looking on the x-ray report, the question is about easiness in regular lifestyle. If you are feeling uneasy in moving, and walking and cannot do your daily chores, then it is time to visit an orthopedic expert and do your knee replacement surgery in Kolkata. Let’s continue reading the blog post to know more about the topic—

Here are the symptoms that go along with knee pain and will be cured after the surgery—

  • Redness on the knee area.
  • Warm to touch.
  • Stiffness and swelling in the area.
  • Weakness to move.
  • Popping sounds.
  • Uneasiness in moving the knee.

Types of knee replacement surgery that you can opt for:

If you are thinking you are the only one to have total knee replacement surgery, then you are wrong. The number of people who are living a normal life with knee surgery is increasing day by day. Knee replacement surgery is not a serious one and offers effective results within a few months of the surgery. These days, modern infrastructure, and the latest technology has made the entire process a smooth one.

Maximum hospitals follow the minimum invasive total replacement surgery method in which the surgery takes a minimum time to be finished, and a 4-6-inch incision is used instead of a larger incision, which was used in earlier days. The surgery includes a minimum cut, and it is less painful. The patient can get back home after one day of the surgery.

As the surgery includes a minimum cut, the recovery time is less too. With proper diet and exercise, the patient can join the regular lifestyle within 2-6 months of the surgery.

Things to consider before the surgery:

  • People think age is the only crucial factor for knee replacement surgery, however, according to the doctors, the patient should be active enough to continue physiotherapy after the surgery, which will play the main role in recovery.
  • The patient should know that the surgery is not a regular one. It will take time to recover from it. Willpower and a positive mindset are required before the surgery.
  • Never compromise in choosing the best orthopedic surgeon. Before making the appointment, research well about the doctor. Your entire surgery experience is depending on the doctor and the clinic.

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Recovery from a Joint Replacement Surgery: How Many Days You Need to Recover

Joint replacement surgery takes time to heal. The recovery procedure is not a tough one to deal with, however, it takes patience and time. The recovery time depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition significantly. By understanding what can disturb your recovery period and what are the things you should not do, you can enjoy a smooth and quick recovery. The blog post is about the recovery journey from replacement surgery. Continue your reading to know more about the topic—

Hips or knees: which takes more time to recover?

According to medical experts, a hip joint is simpler than a knee joint. The operation of a hip joint takes less time than a knee replacement surgery. The knee joint carries the entire weight of the human body, and it plays a significant role in moving the body and keeping it upright. The surgeons have to do a more complex job while fixing a knee, on the other hand, hip replacement surgery is an easy one. It takes minimum time to complete and offers quick recovery.

A knee replacement surgery in Kolkata usually takes 3-12 months to be recovered and a hip replacement takes 2-6 months. As mentioned earlier, the recovery time depends on the patient significantly. Following the doctor’s guidelines is a must-to-do job. Eating on time and including the proper amount of food in the diet also plays a vital role in recovery. Apart from all these, the patient needs to be active in physiotherapy. After following all these guidelines, it is up to the patient when he or she wants to return to the regular lifestyle.

How long a joint replacement surgery takes?

The time of the surgery is the same in all clinics or hospitals. A hip replacement surgery will take 1.5 hours, and a knee replacement surgery will be finished within 2 hours. The total time spent in the hospital depends on the hospital, the patient’s condition, and the surgeon’s opinion.

When the patient can go home?

After getting admission to the hospital, the patient has to be there for 2-3 days. The surgery will be done within the same day, and once the patient feels better, the doctor will discharge the patient. Remember, the recovery period starts just after reaching home. You need to be careful about all the things, including your movement, food, rest, and more.

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