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What Are the Differences Between Joint Reconstruction and Joint Replacement

Joint pain is difficult to live with. When you are suffering from joint pain, your regular yet simple activities become tough for you. From walking to your nearby store to standing in a queue, everything will be a tough job for you. Joint pain can happen for multiple reasons, among them aging and overuse of your joints are significant reasons. Opting for joint replacement surgery in Kolkata is a great way to get rid of your issue. However, there are non-surgical options too. If you are thinking joint replacement is the only option for you, then you are wrong. Depending on the level of your pain you will have two choices, joint reconstruction, and replacement. Let’s read the article to know the differences between joint reconstruction and replacement—

Joint Reconstruction: 

As the term says, it is an advanced method of reconstructing the joint instead of replacing the joint. With the latest technology and surgical method, the damaged or poor joint parts are restored. Finding the best orthopedic surgeon and a reliable joint replacement surgery clinic in Kolkata will help you in restoring maximum natural bones and tissues.

If your joint has been damaged beyond repair, then the reconstruction process is not for you. It offers faster results than replacement and requires less recovery time too. By opting for reconstruction surgery, you will experience a better life, reduce your pain, and have freedom in mobility. Here are the different types of joint reconstruction surgeries—


It is a minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon uses tiny incisions and inserts a camera to examine the damage and make possible adjustments.


Osteotomy relieves the pain temporarily. In this process, a bone near the affected joint area is cut down to release the weight of damaged cartilage.

Resurfacing Surgery: 

Through this process, a damaged surface in a joint is replaced with artificial metal or plastic part. Surgeons prefer to do this type of surgery on the hip of younger patients.

Joint Replacement: 

Joint replacement is an advanced treatment procedure too. Surgeons replace the damaged joint with an artificial part so that the patient can feel free to move. Joint replacement is quite common these days. Maximum patients need total joint replacement as only a few patients are eligible for partial knee replacement surgery.

What are the risks of these two surgeries? 

Like other surgeries, these two surgeries include some risks too.

  • Blood clotting and infection.
  • Pain after the surgery.
  • Dislocation or loosening of the artificial joint part.
  • Nerve damages or injuries.
  • Weakness, instability in moving, etc.

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