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Different Ways of Treating Hip Pain – Some Simple Tips

Having hip pain does not mean that you are becoming old. There are several reasons of having a hurting hip. These causes are mostly not critical and can be easily fixed by taking the right measure. However, if the hip pain is due to some serious issues and is associated with other symptoms, then you should immediately contact an orthopedic doctor. All knee problems do not need hip and knee replacement surgery in Kolkata. Some mild pains can be treated easily.

Ways of Treating Mild Hip Pain

  • The very first step to cure mild hip pain is to take rest. You should avoid putting pressure on your hip and avoid making any posture that can strain your hip. It is better to rest your back. Allow your hip to heal by itself and you will notice improvement within a couple of days. The pain will gradually recede and eventually go away.
  • Further, if the pain prevails and is discomforting for you, then you can take some pain reliever. However, it is not good to take any medicine, especially if you are already on prescribed drugs. Remember that pain reliever will ease the pain but, resting will heal the hip. Medicine together with rest will make your health better.
  • To get more relief, you can use cold packs on the affected area or the joints. This will lower inflammation, cramping and pain. You can also heal swelling by applying ice.
  • Another technique of getting relief from hip pain is taking hot baths. This improves blood circulation, tightens muscles and eases sore. Hot bath also helps to cure inflammation.
  • For overweight people, hip pain can arise due to the extra pounds causing pressure on the hip. For them, it is advisable to go for basic exercise regime not only to lose weight but also to strengthenhip muscles.

Do you know that sedentary life can result in hip pain? Lastly, if all these remedies cannot give relief from pain, then you should consult an eminent orthopedic doctorors in Kolkata. They can diagnose the actual cause of hip pain and provide a course of treatment accordingly. Skilled orthopedic doctors offer effective and efficienttreatment for long-term relief.

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What Are the Differences Between Joint Reconstruction and Joint Replacement

Joint pain is difficult to live with. When you are suffering from joint pain, your regular yet simple activities become tough for you. From walking to your nearby store to standing in a queue, everything will be a tough job for you. Joint pain can happen for multiple reasons, among them aging and overuse of your joints are significant reasons. Opting for joint replacement surgery in Kolkata is a great way to get rid of your issue. However, there are non-surgical options too. If you are thinking joint replacement is the only option for you, then you are wrong. Depending on the level of your pain you will have two choices, joint reconstruction, and replacement. Let’s read the article to know the differences between joint reconstruction and replacement—

Joint Reconstruction: 

As the term says, it is an advanced method of reconstructing the joint instead of replacing the joint. With the latest technology and surgical method, the damaged or poor joint parts are restored. Finding the best orthopedic surgeon and a reliable joint replacement surgery clinic in Kolkata will help you in restoring maximum natural bones and tissues.

If your joint has been damaged beyond repair, then the reconstruction process is not for you. It offers faster results than replacement and requires less recovery time too. By opting for reconstruction surgery, you will experience a better life, reduce your pain, and have freedom in mobility. Here are the different types of joint reconstruction surgeries—


It is a minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon uses tiny incisions and inserts a camera to examine the damage and make possible adjustments.


Osteotomy relieves the pain temporarily. In this process, a bone near the affected joint area is cut down to release the weight of damaged cartilage.

Resurfacing Surgery: 

Through this process, a damaged surface in a joint is replaced with artificial metal or plastic part. Surgeons prefer to do this type of surgery on the hip of younger patients.

Joint Replacement: 

Joint replacement is an advanced treatment procedure too. Surgeons replace the damaged joint with an artificial part so that the patient can feel free to move. Joint replacement is quite common these days. Maximum patients need total joint replacement as only a few patients are eligible for partial knee replacement surgery.

What are the risks of these two surgeries? 

Like other surgeries, these two surgeries include some risks too.

  • Blood clotting and infection.
  • Pain after the surgery.
  • Dislocation or loosening of the artificial joint part.
  • Nerve damages or injuries.
  • Weakness, instability in moving, etc.

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Do You Need to Lose Weight to Improve Your Joint Condition

Obesity causes several health issues. People often say, heart diseases and diabetes are the primary consequences of obesity, however, apart from these two issues, there are more. Excessive weight can hamper your knee, bone, joint, and muscle health. In India, millions of obese are suffering from these issues. It has become a common issue these days. To control your pain, you can opt for joint replacement surgery in Kolkata, however, controlling your weight is the primary thing to avoid such health hazards. According to research, obese people face more difficulties after a joint replacement surgery rather than slim people. Your weight is a significant player in your overall health condition too. However, when it comes to a joint and bone-related issue or surgery, you need to check on your weight. Obesity has a severe impact on joint and bone health. And it is time to take a closer look at the topic.

Obesity, orthopedics, and consequences:

Being overweight is a disaster for all. Two ways can harm your health when you are overweight.

First, your extra weight is associated with inflammatory factors which will trouble your other joint parts, like your hands.

Second, your extra weight creates stress on your knee and develops arthritis.

How obesity can impact an orthopedic surgery:

According to research, obese people are more affected by hip and knee arthritis than slim people. Obese people have a greater tendency of lifetime disability from arthritis, back pain, and spinal stenosis. Though an orthopedic surgery is the best solution to cure these issues, however, obese people face various complications before and after the surgery. Visiting the best joint replacement doctor in Kolkata will offer you the appropriate treatment; however, all the outcomes are not controllable. Here are the consequences that obese people commonly face—

  • Excessive blood loss during the surgery.
  • Lengthy recovery time.
  • Pain in the joint area and infection.
  • Peripheral swelling.

How weight loss improves arthritis:

There is nothing better than living a free life. If you lose a few kilos, arthritis, muscle pain, and joint pain will be miles away from you. You will feel easy walking, running, and doing your regular activities. Weight loss offers the following benefits—

  • Improves joint function.
  • Decreases joint pain and inflammation.
  • You will be more active and energetic.
  • You will have better sleep.

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How Long Will It Take to Recover from a Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery, whether it is a hip or knee, is a critical one. However, with the technological advancement in medical science, the entire process is an improved one, which takes minimum time to complete the surgery and the patient can return home on the same day of the surgery. Though the surgery will take and the patient will reach home within the same day, there is a requirement of a few days’ rest to get back into normal life. The recovery time of the patients depends on some points. The right diet, adequate exercise, rest, and proper medicine stimulate recovery. Let’s read on the blog post to know more about the topic—

Hips or Knees which offers the fast recovery?

The hip joint is simpler than the knee joint hence, the surgery of a knee replacement in Kolkata takes more time than a hip replacement. The action of the knee joint is completely different from a hip joint. The knee keeps us upright and it helps our legs to move. The surgeon plays a crucial role during the surgery to offer the best result. The knee replacement surgery needs 3-12 months to recover, on the other hand, a hip replacement surgery needs 2-6 months. The patient can experience a complete recovery when the surgical wounds and soft tissues will be healed. When the tissue will be healed the patient will get the energy to start regular activities like- moving, walking, etc. In both cases, the complete recovery can take 2 years, though the situation varies on the patient’s condition.

The journey of joint replacement and timeline:

Gone are the days when a joint replacement surgery in Kolkata took several days and the patients stayed in the hospital for a long time, these days, patients can reach home on the same day of their surgery. With advanced technology, tools, infrastructure, many people can opt for surgery without spending a night in the hospital. Stand-alone-ambulatory surgery centers(ASC) and outpatient surgery centers that are associated with a hospital will allow the patient to enjoy one-day surgery. To have the best suggestions regarding your surgery, you will be the consult with the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata.

When the patient can back into the regular lifestyle?

As mentioned already, knee replacement takes more time to recover than hip replacement. Your recovery time depends on various things. Following the orthopedic surgeons guidelines can help you in enjoying a quick recovery. After completing the surgery, within 2- 4weeks you can start walking. If you don’t feel any pain in your knee or hip area, you can start driving at this time as well. Having the right food, exercise and sleep will help you in a fast recovery.

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