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Do You Need to Lose Weight to Improve Your Joint Condition

Obesity causes several health issues. People often say, heart diseases and diabetes are the primary consequences of obesity, however, apart from these two issues, there are more. Excessive weight can hamper your knee, bone, joint, and muscle health. In India, millions of obese are suffering from these issues. It has become a common issue these days. To control your pain, you can opt for joint replacement surgery in Kolkata, however, controlling your weight is the primary thing to avoid such health hazards. According to research, obese people face more difficulties after a joint replacement surgery rather than slim people. Your weight is a significant player in your overall health condition too. However, when it comes to a joint and bone-related issue or surgery, you need to check on your weight. Obesity has a severe impact on joint and bone health. And it is time to take a closer look at the topic.

Obesity, orthopedics, and consequences:

Being overweight is a disaster for all. Two ways can harm your health when you are overweight.

First, your extra weight is associated with inflammatory factors which will trouble your other joint parts, like your hands.

Second, your extra weight creates stress on your knee and develops arthritis.

How obesity can impact an orthopedic surgery:

According to research, obese people are more affected by hip and knee arthritis than slim people. Obese people have a greater tendency of lifetime disability from arthritis, back pain, and spinal stenosis. Though an orthopedic surgery is the best solution to cure these issues, however, obese people face various complications before and after the surgery. Visiting the best joint replacement doctor in Kolkata will offer you the appropriate treatment; however, all the outcomes are not controllable. Here are the consequences that obese people commonly face—

  • Excessive blood loss during the surgery.
  • Lengthy recovery time.
  • Pain in the joint area and infection.
  • Peripheral swelling.

How weight loss improves arthritis:

There is nothing better than living a free life. If you lose a few kilos, arthritis, muscle pain, and joint pain will be miles away from you. You will feel easy walking, running, and doing your regular activities. Weight loss offers the following benefits—

  • Improves joint function.
  • Decreases joint pain and inflammation.
  • You will be more active and energetic.
  • You will have better sleep.

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