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What People Should to Know About Spine Surgery – Some Facts

Need a spinal surgery? Well, when one hears about this surgery then many emotions play in his mind –he thinks he will have relief from pain, he also has the fear about recovery and procedure and confusion regarding the next step. So, before taking the decision you should empower yourself. But how? There are certain things that you should learn about the condition, treatment and the surgeon performing the actual task.

  • Knowing the Cause of Pain

Detecting the cause of pain and anatomically finding the problem of the back are two different things. For instance, you might have herniated disc but that is not the cause of pain. If this is so, then operating herniated disc will not give pain relief. Therefore, you together with your doctor should find out the actual cause of pain before going for any surgery. Many practitioners think that one common cause of failure in back surgery is improper diagnosis before surgery.

  • Getting in Touch with an Efficient Spine Surgeon

There is no proper way of evaluating and comparing the competencies of different surgeons. So, ask your treating physician to recommend some proficient spine surgeons or refer to one. Physicians usually have knowledge about a surgeon’s qualification, whether he is trained in spine surgery, the number of surgeries he has performed and whether he is a specialist in spine surgery in Kolkata.

  • Being Prepared for Medical Consultation

When in pain, it is difficult to explain the situation to a doctor completely, concisely and accurately. Moreover, meeting any spine surgeon can be intimidating and overwhelming. So, it is better to research some likely questions ahead. You should be prepared to explain your medical history, your pain and your expectation from the proposed surgery.

  • Evaluating the Spine Surgeon

Before even visiting a spine surgeon, a patient can evaluate about him by browsing through the internet. There are webpages about spine surgeons and websites on professional medical associations, which give a list of spine surgeons. When visiting a surgeon, you should clarify all your doubts and ask everything you want to know from your prospective spine surgeon. You should find his success rate for a particular Spine surgery in Kolkata. You can also have a talk with the other patients who have already undergone the similar procedure with your prospective surgeon.

  • Reaffirming Decision of Spine Surgery

It is a patient’s decision whether or not to go for back surgery. Your prospective surgeon should be capable of providing you sufficient information about pros and cons of the surgical process. This will help in making the decision.

There are several non-surgical and surgical options that can effectively treat varied kinds of spinal conditions.