People, these days, spend most of the day sitting on their work desk. This puts everyone at a risk because they sit in a poor posture for a prolong time period thereby causing discomfort and pain. We share some tips that can ease one’s back and neck while at work…


  • Sit in Good Posture

When working at the desk, you should sit straight keeping the feet flat on the ground. Keep the head in neutral position so that the ears are directly above the shoulders. The back, shoulders and head should not bend forward. Sitting in good posture distributes the weight perfectly through sit bones.

  • Adjust Keyboard and Monitor Height

The computer monitor should be placed right in front of the user with his nose at the centre of the screen. If the monitor is at a low position, then your head will bend downward and it will stress the neck. For laptop users, it is best to use one secondary monitor. Again, the keyboard should be close enough so that the elbows remain at 900 angle while typing. Place the keyboard at a high position to ensure that shoulders do not slump down for touching the keys.

  • Limit the Use of Phone Screen

Nowadays, people extensively use tablets and mobile phones and as a result, they bend the heads forward for mailing or texting using the touchscreen. Bending forward and holding that posture to look at a device for a long time can cause pain in the muscles in short term and might lead to joint injuries or discs problem in the long run. Using desktop computer instead of phone for answering emails is a better option.

  • Try to Stand More

Sitting continuously in a chair might appear simple but it causes fatigue. The longer one sits, the more difficult it becomes for him to hold the good posture. Therefore, the only solution is, every individual should spend one hour or two, if not more, to stand on their feet as an alternative to sitting. One can use a standing desk, if possible. There are also affordable desktop converters that can temporarily convert a desk into stand-up one.

  • Walk or Move Around

An individual should walk in the office after every hour or less to lower the chance for developing shoulder, neck and back pain. An easy way of doing this is by setting an alarm on the smartphone that will ring after every 30 minutes.

These tips will surely help an individual to experience less pain in the neck, back and shoulder and hence, have a productive day.

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