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Going for neck pain surgery? Prime concern of this surgery is whether the process will result to worse symptoms. Success rate of surgery round the neck or cervical spine surgery is quite high, but there is always some risk in any surgery. Like any other surgery, the key to success is that the patient is a good candidate for the process. If the surgeon is capable of diagnosing the accurate problem, then chances of success rate is pretty high and the risk is also low.

Is it necessary to go for surgery for neck pain?

The prime motive of cervical spine surgery in Kolkata is to repair the instability and give relief from nerve compression, that might be causing weakness, burning, tingling or pain in the neck. These symptoms often travel down to the hands. Two surgeries are commonly performed for neck pain –

  • ACDF or Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion
  • ADR or Artificial Disc Replacement

Now, let’s see whether neck surgery actually works…

  • Are the symptoms of neck pain reducing life quality?

Neck pain can be a disaster, especially when the pain reduces head movement and hampers daily activities. Surgery is not recommended unless the pain becomes worse. When cervical nerve root compression starts causing numbness, pain and weakness in hands and arms. Spinal cord compression can also cause problems with walking, bowel function, bladder functioning or coordination.

  • Is the surgeon capable of identifying the problem relating to the symptoms?

If MRI shows that compression of spinal cord or nerve root is causing the spinal problem matching the symptoms, then you are likely to undergo surgery. For instance, if the symptoms are caused by bone spur, herniated disc or pushing of other structures against spinal cord or nerve root, then surgery is advised in most cases. Surgery removes the cause of compression and enables space for cord or/and nerves to heal.

Benefits of Neck Surgery

  • Chronic neck pain which is not related to nerve compression or spinal instability can be treated with non-surgical treatments like massage, cold packs, heat therapy, medication, physical therapy and at times, steroid injections.
  • If the pain is found to be caused due to compression and instability of spinal cord or nerve root, there are great chances for surgery which can dramatically improve the condition. ADR and ACDF surgeries are quite safe and offer high success rate.

To conclude, it can be said that if the symptoms interfere with sleep, work, daily life and family relations, then you should immediately consult some eminent orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata.

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