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Knowing Diverse Symptoms of Hip Flexor Strains and Treating Them

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Excess activity causes hip flexor strains. Though this type of injury is not so serious, it is very painful and limits mobility and activity. If a person knows about the causes of this injury, he can avoid it and enjoy a healthy life.

Hip Flexors – What are they?

Hip flexors are flexible muscle tissues connecting the top of the femur to the groin, hips and lower back. The primary job of hip flexors is to take the knees towards the chest and bend at the waist. If it is forced to hyperextend, overstretched or overused, it can cause injury and restrict mobility. Athletes who have to use hip flexors in sports activities are susceptible to this kind of injury. Activities such as martial arts, dancing put great strain on hip flexors. Also, regular activities like working in front of a computer for long hours can also tighten and weaken hip flexors causing injury in future.

Common Symptoms of Hip Flexor Strain

Pain in the front hip is the prime symptom of hip flexor strain. Aside from this, there are other symptoms as well related to this injury. The other symptoms of hip flexor strains are –

  • Sudden pain
  • Extreme pain while lifting the thigh towards the chest
  • Feeling pain while stretching hip muscles
  • Muscle spasms at the hip or thigh
  • Bruising or swelling at the thigh or hip area
  • Tenderness in the front hip
  • Feeling of pain when walking or running

Treatment of Hip Flexor Strain

Home remedies can treat hip flexor injury. The different modes of treatments are –

  • Rest

The person suffering from hip flexor strain should rest his affected muscles. Hip specialists also suggest the same. They also suggest changing normal activities so that muscles are not overstretched.

  • Home Therapies

Most of the hip flexor strains can be cured without invasive treatment or any prescribed medications. You can apply ice in the affected area or can also apply moist heat with icing alternately at the initial stage of the injury.

  • Exercise

Stretching can reduce the probability of future injury and minimize the muscle tension of the hip flexor. Make gentle stretches do not push too hard.

  • Severe Cases

If hip flexor strain becomes severe, you should consult a hip specialist because he can assess the further injury. Specialists can perform different tests to scan the injury. When the damage becomes extensive, you might also need surgery on the repaired muscles.

Thus, having knowledge about common symptoms of hip flexor strains helps in reducing them before they worsen.

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