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Know the Processes Involved In the Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee replacement procedure usually involves resurfacing a knee that is damaged due to arthritis. It is the most common bone surgery and it is a painful procedure, as well. Whether you require the knee replacement surgery is a choice that you and your orthopedic surgeon make together carefully. Almost all people having the surgery will be capable of getting a permanent relief from their knee pain and have the skill to move around easily. Whether you have a mild or severe knee pain, here are some optimistic effects you can expect from your knee replacement surgery.

Getting ready for the surgery

Prior to getting ready for the surgery, you can expect your surgeon to view your past medical history to decide whether it is a mild or a severe condition. The surgeon will then perform physical tests through x-rays and testing your blood. Examining the x-rays, the surgeon will decide the extent of your knee damage and the present condition of the knee muscles. Based on these factors, your surgeon will decide the best treatment plan to make your knee replacement surgery a fruitful one.

Knee Replacement Surgery kolkata

During the surgical process

When you are undergoing the knee replacement surgery, your stay in the hospital before, during, and after the procedure mainly count on the healthy condition of the body. This means that you will be considered as an outpatient if you are enough healthy, but you need to stay in the clinic, ranging from one day to four days. Prior to having the surgery, you will get an intravenous line in your hand to provide you with medicines and fluids and the hairs from your leg will be shaved. You will then be given the spinal or epidural anesthesia as decided by your surgeon to make you unaware of feeling the pain during the procedure. This will numb your knee area to make the procedure a painless one.

The surgery will usually be completed with two hours by making a 10-inch incise in the front of your knee. The surgeon will then extract the damaged piece of the joint, thighbone surfaces, as well as the skin beside the joint. Once this process is completed, your surgeon will insert the artificial knee.

After the surgery

After the knee replacement surgery, you will be capable of standing on your own within a day of the procedure. If you feel difficulty in doing so, you will be provided with a parallel bar, crutch, a walker, or with a walking stick a short time to get up.

Within the month of the procedure, you will get the required flexibility and move around without knee pain. Your surgeon will recommend you to a physical therapist for doing some simple exercises to reduce the swelling as well to make your knee muscles stronger. However, the optimistic effects of these exercises will mainly count on the health of your body and on the frequency of doing them.

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