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How To Treat Stiff Neck From Physical Work?

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Exercise is always good for health and neck movement is not an exception. But, excess neck movement may lead to neck pain and stiffness in the neck. After a lot of overexertion during the physical work, you can observe the pain and stiffness in your neck.

How to prevent stiff neck?

You should follow these simple steps to prevent a stiff neck from physical work:

  • Go for an hour’s rest every hour.
  • Do some stretching.
  • Try to take a longer break from the excessive neck movement.
  • Keep the body in an upright position for the recommended time.

Can you take certain medication to treat a stiff neck?

1. The stiffness and pain in the neck is a natural reaction of the body after an hour of physical work.

2. It happens when the ligaments and muscles tend to separate. The body follows a sequence of symptoms when the ligaments are stretched. These include soreness, tightness and pain.

3. The natural antidote for stiffness is rest.

4. First, you need to treat the pain and then think about stretching. If you have been overexerted or under-exerted, you can try these exercises at home:


Some exercises to treat neck stiffness

  1. Neck Tweezing.

As an adult, the neck can be stretched by placing your chin on a flat surface. Start by pulling your head back by twisting your neck. You should not twist your neck too hard. Make sure that you do not cause any damage. Relax your neck for a few seconds, and then lift it back by relaxing your muscles. Make sure that you don’t lift your head up while lifting your chin.

  1. Standing Tweezing.

Use a pair of tweezers. Use the tweezer to gently tug on your neck. This helps you to stretch your neck without putting any pressure on the neck.

  1. Neck Exercise:

The neck muscles need to be strong. The exercise can help you to strengthen your neck muscles. Do these exercises for 10 minutes twice a day for 2-3 weeks and you will feel the change in the neck.

Other ways to treat stiff neck from physical work:

Do not ignore the pain and stiffness

If you do not feel any change in the symptoms, it is better to wait. Rest it in bed for an hour or so and then, try to stretch the neck without pressing the neck. Take a long walk. Get a good night’s sleep.

See the pain response after putting pain reliever

Once you have applied your pain reliever ointment, wait and watch how it responds. This is to help you in preventing a recurrence of the stiff neck in the future. Just wait for 15 minutes. The after-effects of using an anti-inflammatory or anti-fever spray are not immediate. It takes 15-30 minutes to show the effect.

Test and work on a range of motion

If you observe that the neck is tight and painful, you must avoid stretching. Instead, go for some gentle movement. As a result, you can improve your range of motion. Also, you will get enormous relief from the pain.


If you are experiencing neck stiffness, it is a natural and beneficial reaction of the body after the excessive neck movement. Do some stretches. Also, you can do some neck exercises. You can also take a longer break from the excessive neck movement. If you feel stiffness in the neck, do not cause any harm. Stay calm and rest.

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