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Just because you have turned 50 this year doesn’t mean you are old. But sometimes, people in their 50s can face arthritis, an inflammation of joints that can interrupt your daily life and limit your physical activities. You must take care of this medical condition from the first day you notice it. Consult the best orthopaedic hospital in Kolkata and discuss your condition with a doctor. If you give yourself enough time and take care of your condition, it will not be able to prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

It is important to learn how to live with this medical condition without letting it prevent you from living on your own terms. Here, we have discussed some tips to help you live with arthritis in your 50s.

Don’t avoid the condition

The initial step of living with this condition is to understand this. You’ll be able to notice several symptoms, including joint pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, etc., around your joints. As the symptoms can be different depending on your height, weight, and other medical conditions, you should not delay consulting your discomfort with your doctor.

Get physical therapy

Physical therapy can be the best option to opt for as it can help restore the movement of your joints and make the joints-supporting muscles strong. In this medical condition, there are chances of future damage or pain, and physical therapy reduces those chances. According to the reports, patients with arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, always benefit from physical therapy. You can do it alone or in combination with other treatments depending on your doctor’s advice.

Take care of positioning

Proper positioning not only will help you to deal with this situation by decreasing the pressure on your joints, but it will also increase the blood flow throughout your body. Besides reducing the inflammation and pain associated with your medical condition, it will also reduce the inflammation throughout your body for overall well-being.

Keep your body weight on track 

If you are willing to live with arthritis without letting this medical condition interrupt your life, you must keep your body weight on track, as people dealing with arthritis are more likely to be overweight or obese. It happens because people who are dealing with arthritis usually don’t have enough body movement. As a result, the person becomes more prone to other health-related issues. Vice versa, excessive weight creates pressure on the joints, worsening the situation.

Get proper sleep

Many people can have difficulty sleeping at night because of the pain and stiffness, but it is very important to have a proper 8 hours of sleep for healthy joints. If you are dealing with insomnia or difficulty in sleeping, you should consult a doctor for this purpose, as disturbed sleeping can worsen the situation.

Healthy diet

It is important to choose a healthy diet that has enough antioxidants and nutrients that promote bone health. Also, go for a diet to help you keep your uric acid levels in control. Avoid allergens that can cause inflammation in the body. A healthy diet is a key to a healthy body. You can consult a dietician if needed.


Though you have arthritis, it doesn’t mean you should stop working out, as it is vital for people with arthritis. The workout will keep your bones and joints flexible to reduce stiffness and pain. Go for low-intensity exercises such as walking or cycling. A 30-minute walk per day can do the job.

Ending words

Don’t avoid the medical condition; talk to an expert as soon as you notice pain and stiffness in your joints. You can consult the best orthopaedic doctor in Salt Lake, Kolkata, to prevent this medical condition from interrupting your life. Life doesn’t stop because of arthritis, and we hope that you win this war.

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