Joint replacement surgery, whether it is a hip or knee, is a critical one. However, with the technological advancement in medical science, the entire process is an improved one, which takes minimum time to complete the surgery and the patient can return home on the same day of the surgery. Though the surgery will take and the patient will reach home within the same day, there is a requirement of a few days’ rest to get back into normal life. The recovery time of the patients depends on some points. The right diet, adequate exercise, rest, and proper medicine stimulate recovery. Let’s read on the blog post to know more about the topic—

Hips or Knees which offers the fast recovery?

The hip joint is simpler than the knee joint hence, the surgery of a knee replacement in Kolkata takes more time than a hip replacement. The action of the knee joint is completely different from a hip joint. The knee keeps us upright and it helps our legs to move. The surgeon plays a crucial role during the surgery to offer the best result. The knee replacement surgery needs 3-12 months to recover, on the other hand, a hip replacement surgery needs 2-6 months. The patient can experience a complete recovery when the surgical wounds and soft tissues will be healed. When the tissue will be healed the patient will get the energy to start regular activities like- moving, walking, etc. In both cases, the complete recovery can take 2 years, though the situation varies on the patient’s condition.

The journey of joint replacement and timeline:

Gone are the days when a joint replacement surgery in Kolkata took several days and the patients stayed in the hospital for a long time, these days, patients can reach home on the same day of their surgery. With advanced technology, tools, infrastructure, many people can opt for surgery without spending a night in the hospital. Stand-alone-ambulatory surgery centers(ASC) and outpatient surgery centers that are associated with a hospital will allow the patient to enjoy one-day surgery. To have the best suggestions regarding your surgery, you will be the consult with the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Kolkata.

When the patient can back into the regular lifestyle?

As mentioned already, knee replacement takes more time to recover than hip replacement. Your recovery time depends on various things. Following the orthopedic surgeons guidelines can help you in enjoying a quick recovery. After completing the surgery, within 2- 4weeks you can start walking. If you don’t feel any pain in your knee or hip area, you can start driving at this time as well. Having the right food, exercise and sleep will help you in a fast recovery.

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