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Hip Replacement or Knee Replacement – Some clarifications

November 30, 2018 by admin0

There are surgeons performing such replacement surgeries all over the world and the patients find they can live and enjoy their life in a better way after the surgery. The quality of the day to day living is much better but there are some risks too and they need to know everything in details. These risks are common ones that are associated with any major and serious surgeries. The main thing is the recovery takes some time and it is not just after the surgery that you can run around. The next thing is that it is costly. There is no way you can get these surgeries done in a cheaper way.

Often you may find the first surgery did not give the desired results and you need to go for further joint replacement surgery for a couple of times. You will know that revision surgery can be real difficult and recovering from such surgery takes more time.

Replacement may or may not be completely successful

The hip or knee that is often replaced through operation is a serious one and it is not sure when the last operation will be performed by the surgeons. These may depend on the experience of the surgeon and the techniques of the surgery. The other factors for success lie on the patient. The age of the patient and how much mobility the patient had with the body weight that was exerted on the hip or knees.

The only thing that one can be somewhat sure about is the time factor till which the surgery will remain good. The hip or knee that is replaced often will last for about 15 years. The doctors often say this even now but it can keep good for a few more years – depending on the preparation of the patient before the surgery. The materials that are being used now are much better and so are the techniques for surgery. The rehabilitation period post the whole treatment and other care that the patient takes can improve the time factor of the joint to remain good till the patient wants it to be so.

Replacement of joint – good till it goes

The doctors will not be able to tell you how long the replaced joint will work smoothly for you. There are no data that you can rely on and the recent years mostly have seen the surgery performed on younger people. Hence the people who want to know about their chance of being able to remain agile – standing at the age of 50 or 60 can be a little too much.

Data from studies show new picture

The recent work on knee or the hip replacement have given a better picture.  The researchers found that –

  • The people who had been through hip replacement surgeries were more than 60,000 and only 4.4% needed a second surgery and that is after 10 years of the initial surgery. After the period of 20 years, 15% of people needed a revision surgery.
  • Knee replacement was done on 55,000 people and a mere 3.9% needed a revision work after 10 years.
  • Age is not a factor. People over 70 had less risk during the second operation but the younger people had more risk of getting the revision operation at around 50 years of age.

What the data show for me!

Joints are areas that can get worn out and the hip and knees are the most important ones that often need surgery. Since the traditional methods of exercise cannot help these patients much, you need to go for surgery.  The data will not change the factor that I need the surgery to keep moving around doing my work. The data comes in handy when I try to get the real picture and delay the surgery or opt out from it for reasons good to me.

Replacement surgery – current picture

The researches and studies with a different set of people who went through the surgery is very important. The data gathered is based on actual happenings and hence they give a picture. These will help the doctors to find better ways for the surgery and the patients will start curbing sky-high expectations.  The best questions that you should have now can be the risks in the surgery, the time taken for getting back into the field and the time after which you may require a revision surgery.

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