Foot and Ankle

Standing on our feet
Perhaps the most vital body part to maintain an active lifestyle is our feet.
With the advances of medical science, the foot and ankle problems, ignored for long, are being treated by us using the latest technology.
Our realm of work :-
Trauma :
Apart from fixing bones, we also repair the ligaments around the ankle like ATFL, CFL, deltoid and achilles through the latest arthroscopic surgery, same as that done in international sports persons.
Deformity correction :
Mild to moderate deformities of the foot are extensively prevalent in the Indian population. Flat foot, cavus foot as well as issues like Haglund deformity and os navicular are dealt with the  latest minimally invasive surgical techniques.
Degenerative issues:
Posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction, plantar fasciitis as well as TA insertional tendinopathy are extensively prevalent but rarely treated from the  foot and ankle perspective. We provide the specific treatment for these issues with the latest orthoses.
Arthritis of the ankle and feet joints are also surgically treated by us to provide pain free joints.
We provide comprehensive Foot and Ankle care and strive to ensure that our patients have pain-free mobile feet to maintain an active lifestyle.