If a sudden headache can spoil your mood, then imagine how troublesome it would be to manage chronic pain? Yes! It is unbearable and sometimes it may control your lifestyle too. Keep your body active if you want to stay away from chronic pain and if you are already suffering from it, then read on the following points to reduce your suffering—

Don’t stop moving:

Many of us become worried when we experience a sudden ache in our body and immediately we stop moving our body parts. Remember, not all pain is a serious issue and taking rest is not the ultimate solution. Staying active and living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chance of suffering from chronic pain. Hence, if you are going through some major pain-related issues, visit your nearest orthopedic doctor or if your pain is controllable, then don’t get worried.

Don’t depend completely on the image:

These days, doctors prefer to follow the x-ray report before advised of any medicine or treatment. However, it may happen to you that your pain’s cause is something different. The reason might be your herniated disc or spinal stenosis or bulging disc. Many patients have experienced that their x-ray image result does not match with their actual reason for the chronic pain. If your x-ray report says anything serious, then don’t ignore the issue, book your appointment with a physician soon. In addition, it is always better to consult with a doctor before taking any decision.

A physiotherapist can be your best friend:

Whether you have just returned from the hospital after completing the joint surgery or you are facing mild pain in your lower or lower back area, having a physiotherapist on your side is the best way to heal your health as well mind. The significance of physiotherapy in dealing with chronic pain is known to all. Physiotherapists use different innovative techniques to treat distinct pain-related issues. From normalizing the muscles to reduce pain, everything is possible when you are under the supervision of a reliable as well as an experienced physiotherapist. A regular session of physiotherapy can give you a speedy recovery too.

Hope the mentioned points will help you in reducing your pain, if not, then visit JBCH, the best bone care clinic in Kolkata to consult with the most experienced orthopedic experts or book an appointment with an efficient physiotherapist in the city.

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