Joint & Bone Care Hospital

Facilities at JBCH Sodepur

Ambulance Service

State-of-the-art Ambulances at our hospital are equipped to handle most complex emergencies and are available to our patients round the clock.

These ambulances carry standard equipments like, a ventilator, a Defibrillator, Oxygen, suction, scoop stretcher, spine board, head immobilizer, spencer trolley stretcher and all the other lifesaving drugs.

These ambulances are manned by ALS / BLS trained Doctors, Nurses along with trained Drivers and Attendants, all are well trained in managing emergencies in their respective fields


A request for ambulance can be made on payment basis on the following numbers: 9981 9981 46 (Sodepur) 9330 8939 00 (Saltlake)

Hospital shall not be responsible for following:

  • Technical problem/ failure of equipment/ breakdown of ambulance.
  • Any traffic jam, wrong address given & deadline to reach the destination.

**Conditions apply



The outpatient department caters to numerous patients daily. This remarkable feat is achieved due to the state of the art infrastructure which includes various consultation rooms equipped with latest equipment’s and a dedicated team of doctors and support staff.



  • One treatment room for minor dressings/ suturing etc.
  • Pathological sample collection room
  • Radiological Investigations
  • Wheelchair is provided on request

OPD Clinic Schedule

  • Hospital OPD (from 8am to 4pm)
  • Private OPD (from 4pm to 9pm)
  • Video Consultation




  • For appointments call 033-6618 2619,033-6645 5124 appointments can also be requested through appointments page. 
  • Additional contact numbers for OPD Appointments / Reception :- 9981 9981 46 (Sodepur) 9330 8939 00 (Saltlake)
  • All patients need to be registered prior to consultation. The registration fee (one time charge) is Rs. 100/- only. You will be issued JBCH PRIVILAGE CARD, which is valid for all services of the hospital. Registration is mandatory.
  • If you have been registered previously, kindly quote your PRIVILAGE card number while taking appointment
  • In case you are a non – appointment / walk-in patient, you may have to wait to see the doctor



  • Orthopedics/ Anaesthesiology / Cardiology / Chest Medicine / Colorectal Surgery / Chronic Pain Management / Critical Care Medicine / Dentistry /Dental Surgery / Diabetology / ENT Surgery / Gastro Surgery / Gastroenterology / General Surgery / Gynaecology  / Headache & Migraine Clinic / Interventional Radiology / Internal Medicine / Nephrology / Neurology / Neuropsychology / NeuroSurgery / Paediatrics /  Psychiatrist / Psychologist / Rheumatology / Urology / Vascular Surgery /Pathology / Physiotherapy / Radiology & Imaging





  • Once payment made which are non-refundable or non-cancellable for any reason
  • “Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment (including Duplicate payments)”
  • “Transaction fee charges would not be refunded/ reversed under any circumstances for any refund/ reversal /chargeback /any other reasons and even duplicate payments.”
  • Card holder or customer can connect billing department for the further query/ disputes/chargeback
  • Hospital OPD charges are to be paid to hospital billing counter.
  • Billing for the consultations and all other OPD procedures and investigations is done at the OPD billing counter.
  • Follow-up consultation is valid for 15 days from the date of first consultation.
  • Payments/ Deposit are accepted in cash/ credit card/ pay order/ demand draft in favour of” JBCH ”. Payment can also be done through RTGS (for bank details contact the billing department)
  • OPD bill is valid for one month for testing or refund.
Health Check Up


Today’s urban lifestyle leads to numerous health issues. It is always advisable to undergo a regular health check-up to avoid unpleasant surprises in life. Our health check-up program is designed to promote good health and facilitate early detection of health problems. Our goal is to encourage people to take steps toward a longer, healthier and happier life.

  • Schedule a Health Check-up today! Call 9981 9981 46 (Sodepur)

 (9AM to 5PM).

Appointments are available for all days except Sunday & Public Holidays.



  • Health checks are done through prior appointment. Please report at the appointed time given to you at the reception counter of the Health Checkup Department on Ground Floor.
  • We request you to kindly observe the appointment timings to facilitate the smooth flow of your Health Check. Patient reporting more than an hour late than his/her scheduled appointment time will not be taken.
  • Kindly inform us in case of cancellations or postponements at least 24hrs in advance.


  • You are advised to observe minimum 12hrs to maximum 13hrs of fasting and abstinence from alcohol. Hence it is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything after 8pm the previous night. You can only take few sips of water in the morning of the Health Check with your antihypertensive or any other essential drugs except anti-diabetic medication, which should be taken before/with breakfast as per your regular schedule.
  • Inhalers & Oral Bronchodilators for Asthma or Bronchitis should preferably be avoided on the day of the Check up for better Lung Function Test results.


  • Please bring your morning stool and urine samples along with you on the date of the Health Check. You can collect the container from the Health Check Department in advance as per your convenience.
  • In case you are under certain medication and/or are suffering from previous disease, you are advised to bring the previous Medical Records.


  • Ultrasonography of Pelvis involves Intra Vaginal Sonography, which is a detailed examination of the Pelvic organs. If you do not wish to undergo the same kindly inform the Health Check executives at the Health Check Reception.
  • Mammography is generally not recommended for women below the age of 35yrs, as they have dense breasts.
  • CT Scan is not recommended for 40 years & below for radiation risk. CT Test requires dye to be injected via IV and it requires normal kidney function. It cannot be performed for patient with Valve Replacement & Pacemarker.
  • Sonomammography will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.
  • Sonography Pelvis for males below 40yrs will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.

Certain Radiological examination involves low dose radiation.


  • We can provide additional tests blood investigations/Procedure/Consultations subject to availability of appointment. These will be billed separately in addition to the package payment.
  • Please wear comfortable attire, footwear and minimum jewellery on the day of the Health Check.
  • The PAP Smear Test for females cannot be done during Menses (Periods).For further details, please contact our Health Check Reception.


  • Corporate sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral letter / credit note and employee ID.

In case we are unable to carry out any test/s or consultation because of unforeseen reason/s; the same test/s will be carried out on some other working day as per your convenience but within 10 days of the date of Health check OR proportionate amount will be refunded from the package.



We have a chemist located at the ground floor which is open round the clock on all days and is available to outpatients. Medicines are dispensed only on doctor’s prescription except for the over the counter medicines. Our quality control process ensures that there is no product in stock post its expiry period. We ensure that our chemist is staffed only with registered pharmacists.


Medicines and surgical items are made directly available through our Pharmacy to the admitted patients. It is conveniently located in the basement.

The pharmacy is well stacked with major and rare drugs as well as surgical materials. Our quality control process ensures that there is no product in stock post expiry period. The stocking of drugs is managed efficiently to ensure there is no shortage or unavailability of any drug anytime. Since we house most of the major drugs necessary in the medical treatment, the patients and their relatives have easy accessibility to the required drugs any time.

We ensure that the pharmacy is staffed with only registered pharmacists.


The hospital runs its own in house pharmacy 24*7. This pharmacy keeps ample stock of all routine as well as rarely prescribed drugs, injections and all the surgical items including implants used in surgeries. There is ample space to properly store preserve these commodities in a cool environment. The pharmacy supplies the medications directly in the indoor patient’s room, thereby the patient’s relatives avoid standing in long queues. The pharmacy store has round the clock availability of qualified Pharmacists.


The diagnostics centre at JBCH consists of several branches which includes Radiology & Pathology. The department strives to provide high quality & accurate tests at affordable prices. The department uses highly advanced equipment’s to ensure the best performance. The team in the department consists of experienced and well trained doctors and support staff.


The Department carries out all the tests in the sections of Haematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology Clinical Pathology, Serology Immunology and Microbiology. Blood Bank is also next to Pathology Department.

The Department is open all twenty-four hours all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year and all the tests are done as and when the need is for the patient on Outpatient basis or in patient basis


JBCH Imaging center is the hospital’s dedicated radio-diagnosis department. The department is equipped with ultra modern 32 Slice GE CT Scan machine. All types of CT Scans (from head to toe) are performed on this machine.

The center is equipped with latest WIPRO GE 4D Sonography and Colour doppler machine. This machine is capable of performing all sonography of the body, echo cardiography of heart, colour doppler study of all peripheral arteries & veins.

The department also has the most advanced “SCANRAY 400MA” X-ray machine. This machine is capable of performing all types of X-rays including dental X-rays.


The Physiotherapy Department at JBCH incorporates evidence based practice in the rehabilitation of a range of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, paediatric, sport related injuries & other complex problems. The process involves maximizing the functional potential of an individual with disease, dysfunction or injury & also facilitates health promotion, lifestyle modification& fitness training. The physiotherapy services are provided in the intensive care unit (surgical, medical & paediatric), In Patient Department (IPD) and Outpatient Department (OPD). Patient & family education being an integral component of the management process, a discharge counselling session is given to all our In patients.


We have an exclusive centre for emergency response to patients requiring urgent & immediate treatment. JBCH’s Centre’s Trauma/ Emergency Care is world class with round the clock availability, access to modern operation theatre’s, 24 hours pharmacy, imaging and diagnostic centres.

The doctors and support staff here are well trained and equipped to handle any emergency. This goes a long way in ensuring that the patient is given prompt and accurate treatment.


It’s a six bedded fully equipped emergency room which functions 24*7, to manage all the patients coming with both surgical and medical emergencies and complex polytrauma and road traffic accident. The management in ER patients is totally protocol based. We follow all international standard treatment procedures and protocols. It’s equipped with ultramodern ER beds (which can move the patient throughout the hospital including elevators without the need to shift the patients on a transport stretcher), spine boards with cervical collars, ventilators, central suction and all medical gases, bedside Ultrasonography and X-ray machines, multipara monitors, Defibrillators, ECG machines, infusion pumps, warmer machines and most importantly trained casualty medical officers and ER nurses (available 24*7). It has a fully equipped ER operation theatre right inside the emergency room. Here all types of emergency procedures and lifesaving surgeries are being performed. The emergency room also provides the Ambulance services 24*7 to pick up critically ill patients from their home for treatment at JBCH hospital.


The hospital provides a cosy, decent, spacious and homely accommodation areas. All accommodation areas are manned 24*7 by qualified medical officers, trained and compassionate nurses and friendly paramedic and housekeeping staff. There are four category of accommodations available in the hospital:

  • General bed
  • Semi private
  • Private room
  • Deluxe room

The Orthopaedic Department at JBCH provides comprehensive solutions for all Orthopedic problems. We have a fine blend of experienced and young Orthopedic Surgeons who have been extensively trained in their area of specialisation.

We provide the latest techniques backed by modern infrastructure and state of the art equipment.

  • Polytrauma and Complex trauma
  • Endoscopic spine surgery/ Minimally invasive and open spine surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery of the Knee, Hip and Shoulder.
  • Arthroscopy
  • Paediatric Surgery

• Rheumatology

General Surgery
  • The Department of General Surgery deals with entire range of surgical ailments and emergencies. It provides services to conduct all major & supra major surgical procedures in the field of general surgery with special focus in Surgical Gastroenterology, GI endoscopies and Laparoscopy
  • Fully qualified Anesthesiologists are on call round the clock for routine and emergency surgeries
  • Other Supportive Specialties like, Internal Medicine and intensivists are made available as & when required
  • Medical officers are appointed to look after in patients and are available 24*7 in the hospital premises to handle emergencies
  • Backing this team of highly skilled surgeons, are trained nurses, technicians and state-of-the-art operation theatres and intensive care units, all equipped with the latest gadgets and technology
  • Full-fledged department of G.I. and Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Obesity Clinic
  • Experienced G.I. and Laparoscopic surgeons
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Stryker HD camera Laparoscopy system with a software support for recording and documentation
  • J & J (Ethicon) Harmonic Scalpel System
  • Olympus Video Endoscopic system for both Upper and Lower GI tract with a software support for recording and documentation
  • Reliable back-up of good surgical ICU facilities
  • 24X7 availability of medical officers and efficient nursing staff to help patients recover better and faster
  • Different facilities available include general ward (separate for male & female patients), private – single (with and without AC) & deluxe rooms and suite rooms.
  • Day Care failicites
  • Fully equipped ICU facilities
  • Fully equipped Trauma & Emergency centre
  • In house advanced laboratory and radiological services

We have the privilege of working in four state of art operation theatres with Cathlab (Opening Soon) Capable of performing all kind of surgeries. Each OT is equipped with

  • GE (Datex Ohmeda) 9100 c workstation
  • Multipara monitors(Phillips) with Etco2
  • Defibrillator (biphasic)
  • Body warmer
  • Central supply of medical gases (O2,N2O,air)
  • Central suction.

This along with well trained staff helps us in managing high risk Anaesthesia patient optimally.

We also have

  • Different types of endotracheal tubes and laryngoscopes
  • Supraglottic airway devices (Igel and LMA)
  • Videolaryngoscope
  • Bougies
  • Cricothyroid puncture set to handle any difficult airway during anaesthesia
  • Peripheral never stimulator to perform various regional never blocks.

We along with our well experienced team of surgeons of different specialities, trained nursing and paramedical staff with a well-equipped emergency room help us in treating all kinds of trauma patients.


Medicine department is a speciality department that deals with the patient holistically Department focuses on all organ and related system and covers diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all disease in adults. It encompasses all illnesses which do not require surgery. It includes primary as well as secondary health care management of patient health. Physicians are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can effectively handle situation where multiple illness may strike a patient at same time.


It is a super-speciality department which involves management of patients suffering from disorders of digestive system and liver. These patients may be suffering from simple problems like indigestion, bloating, constipation, pain in abdomen, diarrhoea, jaundice or difficult problems like blood in the vomiting or stools, liver failure, cirrhosis, ascites, bile duct stones, cancers of gall bladder, pancreas, food pipe, stomach or intestine.

The mission of the Department of Gastroenterology at JBCH Multispeciality Hospital is:

  • To provide an exceptionally high level of clinical care and emergency services to the patients suffering from diseases of digestive system and liver,
  • To provide comprehensive care which includes multidisciplinary approach by highly skilled team of Gastroenterologist, GI & HPB surgeon, Interventional Radiologist and Oncologist
  • To do cutting edge clinical and translational research in the field of Gastroenterology and Haematology
  • To take initiative in increasing awareness among public in preventive aspects of gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

Neurology is a branch of medicine concerned with study and treatment of disorders of Nervous System. Nervous System includes Brain, Spinal Cord, nerves and muscles. We, at JBCH Multispecialty Hospital, provides intelligent assistance and the best possible treatment for each and every condition that relates to the nervous system.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

It’s a 25 bedded fully equipped intensive care unit which functions 24*7, to manage all critically ill patients, post-operative patients and complex polytrauma and road traffic accident patients. The ICU has a dedicated air handling units to match the air exchanges and a special ICU flooring, both as per the international infection control norms.

Facilities available at ICU

  • Full time Intensivist
  • Ventilators
  • Multipara Monitors
  • Central Monitoring System
  • ABG Machine
  • Echocardiography / USG
  • ECG Machine
  • Dialysis
  • Ultra-Modern ICU Beds
  • Isolation Bed (within the ICU)
  • Trained ICU nurses

Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine. A cardiologist specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. If a person has symptoms of a heart condition, their physician may refer them to a cardiologist.

Symptoms that can indicate a heart problem include:

A cardiologist can carry out tests for a heart murmur or an abnormal heart rhythm.They often treat patients who have had a heart attackheart failure, or other heart problems.

Heart diseases that a cardiologist can help with include:

The cardiologist can give advice about preventing heart disease. A person may need to see a cardiologist even without symptoms, if they have a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol, if they are or have been a smoker, if they have diabetes, or if they are starting a new exercise program.A woman who has had pre-eclampsia may be at higher risk of heart problems in a later pregnancy or during the menopause.

Neuro Psycritric

The key component of neuropsychiatric disorders is that the symptoms tend to impact brain function, emotion and mood.

These can range from problems with focus and learning in the case of ADHD to sadness, irritability, memory problems, mood problems, depression to a variety of other psychiatric and/or neurological symptoms.

Common neuropsychiatric disorders include:

  • seizures
  • attention deficit disorders
  • cognitive deficit disorders
  • palsies
  • uncontrolled anger
  • migraine headaches
  • addictions
  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety

Scope of Services

  • Anaesthesiology

  • Cardiology : Invasive, Non invasive

  • Trauma and Emergency

  • Orthopaedics Surgery and Joint Replacement

  • General Medicine

  • General Surgery

  • Neuro Medicine and Neuro Surgery

  • Gastroenterology - Minimal Invasive Surgery

  • ENT-Cochlear Implants

  • Gynaecology-excluding high risk

  • Plastic and Vascular Surgery

  • Counselling


  • Microbiology

  • Haematology

  • Biochemistry

  • Immunology & Serology

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Cytology

Imaging Services

Digital & computed X-rays

High quality Digital & Computed X-rays done at JBCH Sodepur

Not In Scope

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