hip and knee replacement surgery kolkata

Having hip pain does not mean that you are becoming old. There are several reasons of having a hurting hip. These causes are mostly not critical and can be easily fixed by taking the right measure. However, if the hip pain is due to some serious issues and is associated with other symptoms, then you should immediately contact an orthopedic doctor. All knee problems do not need hip and knee replacement surgery in Kolkata. Some mild pains can be treated easily.

Ways of Treating Mild Hip Pain

  • The very first step to cure mild hip pain is to take rest. You should avoid putting pressure on your hip and avoid making any posture that can strain your hip. It is better to rest your back. Allow your hip to heal by itself and you will notice improvement within a couple of days. The pain will gradually recede and eventually go away.
  • Further, if the pain prevails and is discomforting for you, then you can take some pain reliever. However, it is not good to take any medicine, especially if you are already on prescribed drugs. Remember that pain reliever will ease the pain but, resting will heal the hip. Medicine together with rest will make your health better.
  • To get more relief, you can use cold packs on the affected area or the joints. This will lower inflammation, cramping and pain. You can also heal swelling by applying ice.
  • Another technique of getting relief from hip pain is taking hot baths. This improves blood circulation, tightens muscles and eases sore. Hot bath also helps to cure inflammation.
  • For overweight people, hip pain can arise due to the extra pounds causing pressure on the hip. For them, it is advisable to go for basic exercise regime not only to lose weight but also to strengthenhip muscles.

Do you know that sedentary life can result in hip pain? Lastly, if all these remedies cannot give relief from pain, then you should consult an eminent orthopedic doctorors in Kolkata. They can diagnose the actual cause of hip pain and provide a course of treatment accordingly. Skilled orthopedic doctors offer effective and efficienttreatment for long-term relief.

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