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Common Sports Injuries – Myths & Facts

September 11, 2019 by admin0

Information related to common sports injuries and prevention is available in many forms in the public domain. You can see many myths and facts about these. This is very important to know the real facts about injuries. So there are some listed the common myths and the real facts. Take a look-

Myth – 1

The most common myth is “Running plays an important role in knee damage. “

This is wrong. In reality, running helps to make your bones and muscle stronger. But if you feel any joint or muscle pain after running, it could be a poor running mechanics.

Myth – 2

“ACL tear injury means the end of an athlete’s career.”  No there is no ending of career after this injury. It is a serious injury. But it is recoverable. With the help of Arthroscopic surgery athlete can go back to their previous career level. Many national and international athletes are playing well after their treatment.

Myth –3

More exercise means more recovery. Don’t do over-exercise. It will cause counterproductive and also delay your recovery. So maintain your limit as your doctor prescribed.

Myth – 4

Rest is the best way to recovery. The rest is necessary. But complete bed rest is not good for minor injuries. Activity modification will help you to stay fit.

Myth – 5

Heat is the best therapy to relieve pain in an acute injury. In an acute injury, inflammation happens and it may cause the sensation of pain. Cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation. Although heat helps to relieve the pain it will increase the swelling and cause the poorer outcomes.

Myth – 6

Overlooking a shin splint injury. Don’t run off from this injury. Remember that shin splint causes from overusing the bone. So you need to take rest otherwise it will lead to worse conditions. And don’t forget to consult a doctor.

Myth – 7

Osteoarthritis can be treated by glucosamine. It is a misconception. Glucosamine is an adjunct. It only uses to treat OA. Otherwise, it has no benefit individually.

Myth – 8

To gain something you have to face pain. No, it is not true. You need to do exercise in the right way. If you get pain during exercise must consult your physician.

Myth – 9

For ankle sprains don’t need to consult a doctor, it is a usual thing. Ankle sprains are indeed a common injury. Sometime it may cause serious issues like a fracture, ligament sprain, cartilage lesion or even muscle pain. So don’t ignore this, consult a doctor.

Myth – 10

You can prevent your injury with potential power. If this was true, athletes don’t get any injury in their life. An athlete can injure anytime. You need to be potent to move against large acts like lifting, jumping, etc. But still muscle can tear, bones can break. An athlete needs proper training to lower the risk factors.

Hope after reading this article you will not believe in these myths. Also, ensure that you won’t do anything risky and not recoverable.

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