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People, these days, spend most of the day sitting on their work desk. This puts everyone at a risk because they sit in a poor posture for a prolong time period thereby causing discomfort and pain. We share some tips that can ease one’s back and neck while at work…


  • Sit in Good Posture

When working at the desk, you should sit straight keeping the feet flat on the ground. Keep the head in neutral position so that the ears are directly above the shoulders. The back, shoulders and head should not bend forward. Sitting in good posture distributes the weight perfectly through sit bones.

  • Adjust Keyboard and Monitor Height

The computer monitor should be placed right in front of the user with his nose at the centre of the screen. If the monitor is at a low position, then your head will bend downward and it will stress the neck. For laptop users, it is best to use one secondary monitor. Again, the keyboard should be close enough so that the elbows remain at 900 angle while typing. Place the keyboard at a high position to ensure that shoulders do not slump down for touching the keys.

  • Limit the Use of Phone Screen

Nowadays, people extensively use tablets and mobile phones and as a result, they bend the heads forward for mailing or texting using the touchscreen. Bending forward and holding that posture to look at a device for a long time can cause pain in the muscles in short term and might lead to joint injuries or discs problem in the long run. Using desktop computer instead of phone for answering emails is a better option.

  • Try to Stand More

Sitting continuously in a chair might appear simple but it causes fatigue. The longer one sits, the more difficult it becomes for him to hold the good posture. Therefore, the only solution is, every individual should spend one hour or two, if not more, to stand on their feet as an alternative to sitting. One can use a standing desk, if possible. There are also affordable desktop converters that can temporarily convert a desk into stand-up one.

  • Walk or Move Around

An individual should walk in the office after every hour or less to lower the chance for developing shoulder, neck and back pain. An easy way of doing this is by setting an alarm on the smartphone that will ring after every 30 minutes.

These tips will surely help an individual to experience less pain in the neck, back and shoulder and hence, have a productive day.

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Whether you are working in an office or a housewife, spine-related issues can affect anyone at any time. Avoiding it completely is impossible. By following a few activities, you can keep your spine healthy and stay away from spine-related injuries. Apart from the long office hours, sitting on the sofa for a long time to watch your favourite TV show can hurt your spine too. If you are experiencing pain in your spine area, then visiting an expert is the best solution, however, when you don’t have any spine issue and want to keep your spine healthy, then start following these habits from today—

Right posture:

Maintaining the right posture is the basic thing to keep your spine healthy. Whether you are sleeping or sitting, keep your posture in check. Don’t sit continuously for a long time. If you are associated with any work which makes you to sit in the same posture for a long time, avoid that or take a break of few minutes. You can stretch your shoulder and arms for a break.

Exercises for spinal health:

Another important habit that you can start is exercising. Take some time out in the morning or evening and practice yoga or exercise that can improve your spinal health. Hiring a trainer can help you in doing these activities, remember, while exercising, take a break and drink water to stay hydrated.

Foods for spinal health:

As there are special diet plans for diabetes and weight loss, adding a few special foods in your food habit can improve your spinal health too. Try to eat balanced food. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your plate and diary items that are high in calcium are must-have for you. Add cheese, milk, yoghurt in your diet. These foods will improve your bone health and give you strength. To solve your queries on the diet plan and to improve your spinal health, you can visit an expert dietician. As the person is experienced, he or she will be the best one to consult with.

Is your spine okay? If you are not facing any pain or other spine-related issues, then you can follow the mentioned simple habits and if you are facing any uneasy in your spine area, then find the best spine care hospital now to treat the issue. To solve pain-related issues, you can visit the Joint and Bone Care Hospital, (JBCH) Kolkata. The Orthopedic doctors Kolkata of JBCH will surely give you relief from the illness.


The human being can walk, move, bend, stoop, and twist with the help of hip and bone coordination. The proper movement of joints plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the entire body structure. Hip bone is one of the vital parts of the human body without which major body movement will become restricted. Following are some common causes of hip pain:


  1. Trochanteric Bursitis – People having this physical condition will get inflammation of the bursa. This leads to degeneration of the soft tissues around the hip. This takes place at the outer portion of the hip joints.


  1. Osteonecrosis- When the body has blood that is extremely inadequate this issue can take place. Since the cells and bones get very less blood, the cells are likely to die. This may lead to the collapse of the bone.


  1. Hip labral tear- The function of the labrum is none other than holding the ball of the vital bone-in thigh. Also, the position of holding should be right at the hip socket. But, when there are conditions like frequent movement, trauma, etc, the tears of the labrum takes place.


  1. Fracture of hip- The aged people with the issue of osteoporosis can get hip fractures. If the fracture is severe, the treatment is surgery. There is a system of repairing it through a metal plate.


  1. Stress fracture- This physical condition is common among athletics or sportsperson. People participating in high impact sports can get into this trouble.


  1. Snapping hip syndrome- This is a single term used for 3 types of problems in the hips. The IT band snapping above and exterior of the thigh causes the first problem. The deep hip flexor impulsive over the front portion of the hip joint is the second one. Again the 3rd one is due to tears in the labrum, cartilage, etc.


  1. Tendonitis- The fibrous structure exists around the bones and muscles which are known as tendons. This portion can become inflamed, swollen as well as irritated. As a result, extreme pain takes place,


When to seek treatment?

 Several symptoms will notify the right time to seek treatment. Following are some of them:

  • An injury due to sudden fall that triggers hip bone.
  • Sudden pain in the hip
  • An intense pain
  • Swelling and redness in the respective area
  • On hearing of popping sound in bones

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Most people are aware of spine fracture and know that it is a serious injury. Also, it can go to severe issues once not treated immediately. Among this spine injuries once can come across 3 major types of group. Those are extension, flexion as well as the rotational fractures. Among them, the rotational fracture is the one that takes place when bending or movement of the spine takes place from side to side too often.

The occurrence of the flexion fracture takes place when the vertebrae of a person bend. When there is flex in the neck or the back too much there comes the occurrence of the rotational fracture.

Different parts of the spine

The expert says that the spine includes 24 bones. Each one is stacked one at the top of the other. These are connected with one another and bind in such a way that it develops a protective shield for the spinal cord. At the base of the spine, the 7 small vertebrae exist. Also, it forms the neck and includes the cervical spine.

There is a part known as the spinal canal which acts as a medium for the spinal cord and the nerves to travel. This acts for carrying the message between the brain and the muscles. Also, there is an existence of the inter-vertebral disc between the vertebrae. Those are of shapes like round, flexible and flat. Also, their thickness is around half inches. These are really very effective as they act as the shock absorbers when you are in motion.

What is rotation fracture?

The fracture that takes place when there is too much movement from one side of the body to another backed by bending act is known as the rotation fracture. There are two varieties of rotational fracture.

  • Transverse process fracture– This is the type of rotational fracture that takes place due to extreme bending in sideways. But, this won’t affect the stability of an individual.
  • Fracture dislocation– Another type of rotational fracture takes place when there is a movement of the soft tissue and bones off the vertebrae. This is one of the critical conditions in human body which can affect the stability of an individual.

Treatment of fracture

When you speak about the treatment of rotational fracture there will be variation in the procedure. Surgery is one of the ways. Another way is with the procedure of bracing. This is non-surgical in nature. It is preferred not to go for surgery and create stability with non-surgical method.

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Arthritis is a common type of Osteoporosis. It can affect the cartilage, which acts as a cushion in the two opposing ends of the bones in a joint, on the other hand, Rheumatoid Arthritis can damage several other systems of your body and it can give you unwanted different health hazards. Let’s read about what is Rheumatoid and why it is dangerous than normal Arthritis for your health—

If you are thinking Rheumatoid Arthritis can only damage your joint areas then, break your confusion. In some cases, it can affect your skin, eyes and blood system too. Now you must be thinking why Rheumatoid Arthritis is so rude to human health? Yes, it is more dangerous than Arthritis. As it is an autoimmune inflammatory disease, it has more destructive power to affect your health and soul. When the immune system’s natural response to external pressures mistakenly affected by body’s own tissue, this arthritis develops and it starts to give you serious health issues, like- deformity, bone erosion and needless to say, chronic pain is obvious in this situation. As it is an inflammatory disease, it spreads quickly to the other parts of your body and starts damaging your health. Rheumatoid Arthritis is different from Arthritis for the following reasons—

Because the causes for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are complex enough than Arthritis?

RA starts to ruin your healthy system when the lining of the membranes of your joint is attacked by your immune system. It gradually damages the cartilage and bone in the joint. There are a few reasons to have this disease, these are-

Your gender:

According to research women between 40 to 60 years are more prone to this disease than man.

Your age:

It can develop at any age, however, middle-age is the crucial stage for it.

Your family history:

If any of your family members had this, you may get it from the person.


The disadvantages of smoking need no further introduction. If you are continuing this habit, remember, smoking increases the chance of developing the issue from your family members.

Your weight:

Gaining extra weight can develop RA. Especially women between 40 to 55 and those who have overweight are more prone to this disease.

And because there is no proven cure for RA:

Though multiple types of research are happening in the world, the cure is still not here, however, an early diagnosis is essential for the primary treatment.

If you are facing any pain related issue in your joint area, don’t be panicked. Reach JBCH now, the best joint and bone care clinic in Kolkata.


Medical science has come up with a variety of procedures through which diseases can be treated to an advanced stage. Arthroscopy is one of such process through which one can easily perform the surgery procedure of knees. This is a special method where the tiny television camera is mounted on a flexible pencil-sized tube. During this process, a lighted lens is a tool that is used as a tool for diagnosis. Here, the trained surgeons perform the necessary orthopedic repairs. An incision is made which is as small as that of a buttonhole. The procedure is relatively simple as compared to the conventional way of surgery.

5 most common reasons for knee Arthroscopy:

The knee Arthroscopy is can take place due to a number of reasons. Following are some of the vital reasons:

  1. Bone or cartilage fragments removal

The surgery of knee Arthroscopy takes place for the clearance of the joint bone, tissue fragments as well as cartilage. This usually takes place when an injury happens. The issue becomes critical when there are tissue tears and inflammation. But, this can now be treated easily with the help of a trained orthopedic specialist and knee arthroscopy.


  1. Tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament

At the time of this issue, the ligament is so damaged is removed. Also, that is replaced with the other part of the patient’s knee. The donor can also be involved in this process. ACL takes place due to repeated injury and takes place among the sports individuals. Arthroscopy is a wonderful way to remove this issue.


  1. Swollen synovium

The membrane that has a wonderful function and helps in the nourishment of the knee and shoulder joints is known as synovium. This creates a fluid but sometimes due to the irregular folds, it can become inflamed as well as painful. The surgeons mend the procedure by inserting an Arthroscope. As a result, it heals.


  1. Popliteal cyst

This is also known as the baker’s cyst. Here, you can see the fluid-filled lump which is visible at the backside of the knee. Sometimes it is treatable with the help of medication. But, if the situation becomes adverse Arthroscopy will be the best treatment.


  1. Tearing of meniscus

This is a piece of cartilage that is present in the knee portion which is made up of collagen fibre. This usually runs in the opposite direction. As soon as the meniscus is torn, the ability to repair the soft tissue diminishes. Thus, the Arthroscopy process is used to treat it.

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Finding the best orthopedic surgeon in your reach, taking the appointment, discussing your issue, all is easy, however, it is not easy to get back to your normal lifestyle when you have done a back surgery recently. If you are going through such issues, or you are delaying your operation for the tension of recovery time, then here is the good news for you. Returning to the early lifestyle or joining your office after surgery, is not a headache now, you can easily do what you were doing before having the surgery. All you need to do is just follow the below-mentioned ways, which will speed up your recovery time. Hence, let’s read the points quickly—

Be prepared for a regular exercise routine:

The best way to back to your normal life is to start exercising. It can be a 10-minute walk in your garden or can be some freehand exercises, the key point is to move your body. Those who take complete rest after surgery take a longer time to recover than those who stay active. Decide which time you are comfortable and follow the same routine daily.

Get the essential nutrients:

Your body will not be able to tolerate the load of the surgery if you don’t intake the required nutrients. Your diet plays a great role when you want a speedy recovery process. Hence, when the operation is done, don’t forget to ask your doctor about the foods that should include in your diet and exclude from the diet. And don’t forget to have water throughout the day.

Stop smoking:

The entire world is spreading messages against it, if you are still not bothered, then be conscious now. Smoking stimulates the deterioration process of your spine and it is a reason for back pain. Hence, stop smoking immediately.

Reset your home:

You won’t be able to reach here and there in your home easily after the surgery and you cannot expect anyone to listen to you always. The best way to solve the situation is to set your home according to your need. Things that you need always should be organized within your reach.

Hope these mentioned tips will give you a quick recovery and better post-surgery experience. Don’t forget to visit JBCH, when you need any help regarding pain-related injuries. The expert orthopedic doctors will never give you a chance to worry about the treatment experience.


Knee pain can be very haunting at times as it will make your physical activities slow. As a result, an active man can become inactive at times. Let us find out the effective ways to deal with knee pain. The following are the tips to avoid knee pain.

  1. Don’t assume on the cause of pain

There are several reasons for knee pain. For example, people at a very young age might have pain due to sports injuries. But, aged people can get this pain more frequently. There is a tendency among people to assume it as arthritis. It is always good to go for a proper diagnosis instead of assuming.


  1. Inflammation can be the reason

The knee pain can take place due to inflammation on your knees. If due to some activity there is wear and tear of your knee tissues, it is likely to get torn. This will lead to damage to the cartilage. This also led to the bone to bone friction.


  1. Signs and symptoms of knee pain

RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) is one of the effective cures there is swelling on your knee without any trauma. You can try this for 7-14 days. Watch whether the pain is reduced. If even then if you don’t get any positive results to go to a physical therapist.


  1. Inflammation management

If you have inflammation on your knees, it is always better to apply the simple first aid at first. Thus the RICE or rest, ice, compression and elevation would be the best thing. Resting will always give you a break from the tough physical activity that you are going through. Icing is really important in that particular area as the blood flow will be restricted and the pain will reduce as well.


If you apply a tight wrap or a bandage on your knee area the excess blood flow will be restricted and you can get relief. It is also important to elevate your knee by raising your leg up to a position.  Doing this will bring your blood flow back to the heart. Thus, recirculation of blood will take place and this in turn will reduce knee pain.


  1. Physical therapy/ physiotherapy

Most of the doctors and even surgeons give the advice to go through physical therapy. This is usually done by the experts in biomechanics and anatomy. This treatment restores full function to your joints and muscles. Also, this restricts the injuries from returning again.

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The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has disturbed everything. From regular education system to normal daily lifestyle everything is shattered due to this. Though the pandemic is troublesome to cope with, however, it is giving at least one good consequence to us, which is we can sit at our home and join our office daily. And who can deny working from home is not better than hanging on the traffic? Of course, all are enjoying staying at home, though the lockdown is a headache for all. While you are enjoying sitting at your cosy recliner and chatting with your team members, have you experience that your back is breaking up due to pain and it is quite common to feel uneasy to move your spine sometimes? Don’t worry, if you are going through with such issues, there are more like you. And this blog post will help you by providing three tips to cure your back pain. Hence, let’s start reading—

Take a break:

The most important yet easiest step that you can take to maintain a good posture and avoid back pain is taking a break of five minutes. Hence, don’t just seat for hours and busy into your webinars. Believe us, taking a few minutes off from your working time will not hamper your job, on the other hand, it will refresh your mood and keep your back happy.

Prepare a comfortable office set up:

Leaning towards your laptop for hours can be dangerous for your back. If you are using a higher table and shorter chair or a low table with a higher sofa set, then change that immediately. You should feel comfortable while you are sitting and your computer should be in a straight position with your body. Hence, before starting working from home, arrange the equipment wisely.

Move your body:

In this lockdown, are you only busy with your work? No matter how busy you are; you cannot deny that you have a lot of time do some freehand exercises at home. Exercises like, pilates can do wonders for your spine. It will improve your posture, strengthen your spine and keep back pain at bay.

Hope you will enjoy the reading time and the mentioned points will make your work from home days enjoyable by relieving your back pain. If you don’t feel any relaxation after applying the mentioned points, don’t delay calling at JBCH, the renowned orthopedic hospital of Kolkata, India which can suggest you better options to cure the pain. Find the Best Orthopedic Doctor In Kolkata


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