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Pain in any body parts can be dangerous for you. It is not only intolerable but also can be a source of serious health hazard. If you are suffering from knee pain, then we feel for you. Suffering from knee pain does not need any specific reason; you can feel it anytime and may suffer a lot to solve the health issue. Though there are countless reasons for knee pain, however, nothing to worry about, there are different ways to get rid of the pain too. Before starting any treatment process, it is important to know the reason for your pain. Here most common three knee pain reasons will be discussed, read on to know if one of these reasons is yours—

Sprains, strains and injuries:

Pain in your knee can happen for sprains, strains and injuries. And injuries can be faced anytime. It might be then when you are practicing physical exercise or you are running a vehicle. To be clear, injuries need no reason and time to spoil your regular lifestyle. Staying protective is not possible always, however, when you have already experienced any injury, it is better to follow a treatment process like- P.O.L.I.C.E (Protection Optimum Loading Ice Compression and Elevation). When all these proved useless for you, then visiting an expert orthopedic surgeon for a better treatment procedure is a must.


It is a common type of arthritis that is caused by mechanical wear and when your cushioning of the joints is damaged. The most common consequence of osteoarthritis is swelling, pain and immobility in your joint areas. Osteoarthritis impacted the knee mainly. Hence. It can be said when you are facing terrible pain in your knee joint area, osteoarthritis can be the cause.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Another common reason for knee pain is rheumatoid arthritis. Unlike Osteoarthritis, it is an autoimmune disease that affects joint areas of your body. If your joints are becoming stiff in the morning or after hours of inactivity, then maybe you are suffering from this autoimmune disease. Visiting an experienced orthopaedic surgeon is the best possible solution for you to get rid of the issue.

If any of the mentioned reasons is your knee pain cause, then do not delay visiting a doctor. Book your appointment at Joint and Bone Care Hospital, Kolkata to have the best treatment facility.


The joint holds two bones in a body. Rather, it connects two bones within your body. Most people suffer from joint pain every now and then. Also, when it becomes too much painful it becomes quite difficult to move or do work.  It is always better to go for treatment in such a situation.

Facts on joint pain

  1. How intense is joint pain?

The intensity is always an important factor to consider in joint pain. Minor or mild pain creates little discomfort for people. But, moving towards moderate and severe pain is going to boost the intensity of pain. Usually, weight-bearing activities can give rise to such pain.


  1. What causes the pain?

The pain in the joint can cause a number of reasons. As soon as people get pain in joints, the first thing that happens is inflammation. It is a normal response of the body which is meant for keeping the joints and bones away from severe damage. There are several causes of joint pains. Some of them are arthritis, damage to bones and ligament.


  1. How to prevent the pain?

It is better to prevent pain if possible. Instead of waiting for the pain to come it is better to prevent it completely. Yes, it is now possible to reduce the occurrence of pain. The best way to prevent is by movement as well as exercise.


  1. Remedies for joint pain

The remedies can be of several different types. How will you know which one will be for which problem? The answer will be the extent of the pain or the severity of the pain. You can now avail some home remedies. The application of hot and cold bags will be a great remedy. This is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation. Also, this does not have any side effects.


The home remedies for joint pain are many. Your grandparents or parents must have been applying this for a side effect free solution. Massaging with oil is another important way to stay away from joint pain.

  1. Time to seek medical attention

Some of the people suffering from joint issues must be confused. They don’t understand when to seek medical treatment. If it is mild or moderate pain then the home remedies will solve. But, there are situations when the pain becomes unbearable. In such a situation you must seek a doctor. The orthopaedic surgeons are available to help.

The facts about joint pain are very useful. People can get good knowledge about joint pain. Also, if you get joint pain somewhere in future the facts will make things very easy. It is good to visit an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata if the pain is unbearable. Don’t take chances at all.


If a sudden headache can spoil your mood, then imagine how troublesome it would be to manage chronic pain? Yes! It is unbearable and sometimes it may control your lifestyle too. Keep your body active if you want to stay away from chronic pain and if you are already suffering from it, then read on the following points to reduce your suffering—

Don’t stop moving:

Many of us become worried when we experience a sudden ache in our body and immediately we stop moving our body parts. Remember, not all pain is a serious issue and taking rest is not the ultimate solution. Staying active and living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chance of suffering from chronic pain. Hence, if you are going through some major pain-related issues, visit your nearest orthopedic doctor or if your pain is controllable, then don’t get worried.

Don’t depend completely on the image:

These days, doctors prefer to follow the x-ray report before advised of any medicine or treatment. However, it may happen to you that your pain’s cause is something different. The reason might be your herniated disc or spinal stenosis or bulging disc. Many patients have experienced that their x-ray image result does not match with their actual reason for the chronic pain. If your x-ray report says anything serious, then don’t ignore the issue, book your appointment with a physician soon. In addition, it is always better to consult with a doctor before taking any decision.

A physiotherapist can be your best friend:

Whether you have just returned from the hospital after completing the joint surgery or you are facing mild pain in your lower or lower back area, having a physiotherapist on your side is the best way to heal your health as well mind. The significance of physiotherapy in dealing with chronic pain is known to all. Physiotherapists use different innovative techniques to treat distinct pain-related issues. From normalizing the muscles to reduce pain, everything is possible when you are under the supervision of a reliable as well as an experienced physiotherapist. A regular session of physiotherapy can give you a speedy recovery too.

Hope the mentioned points will help you in reducing your pain, if not, then visit JBCH, the best bone care clinic in Kolkata to consult with the most experienced orthopedic experts or book an appointment with an efficient physiotherapist in the city.


Who can deny living with achy and painful joints is hard. When your joints are not in fine condition, you cannot maintain a normal lifestyle. The damaged joints will prevent you from moving freely and the tremendous pain will disturb your mood as well. Though several medicines and treatments are there to treat such joint issues, Physical Therapy or PT is the best yet effective way to relieve the pain and uneasy. If you are thinking why PT should be your choice and how it can give you comfort, then read on this following points—

Getting empowerment or support:

When someone cannot move freely or maintain a regular lifestyle, the person loses hope to live a healthy and natural life. The person becomes weak not only physically but also physically. A physical therapist can help you in healing your mind and improving your physical condition as well. By guiding you in exercising, teaching mindfulness techniques, lifestyle improvements, breathing techniques, easiest ways to improve your functions, the person will support your empowerment. With less pain, more easiness in moving your body parts you will find the desired happiness in your life through this caregiver.

It is a long-term solution to relieve your pain:

Apart from making your joints easy to move and helping you in exercising, a physical therapist can use customized techniques to give you a speedy recovery and life-time solution to your pain. Such techniques can reduce the pain, remove the chance of further muscle damage and lowers the risk of disease progression. Hence, by engaging yourself in physical therapy, you can expect a speedy recovery, mental healing and most importantly it is the best long-term solution for reducing joint pain.

It is a natural way to relieve your pain:

According to recent research results, it is proved that PT is the best as well as the safest way to reduce chronic pain and it may cut down your pain killer consuming as well. Electrical stimulation, diathermy or ultrasounds all are effective to lessen spasms and blocking pain signs.

All these techniques help in short-time pain reliving, stimulate your recovery process and gives you better sleep. And who can deny the role of peaceful sleep for overall health and stress relief?

Hope you will find this blog post helpful and if you are suffering from joint pain, don’t forget to visit the best pain care clinic at Kolkata, JBCH. Here you can consult with the best orthopedic doctor and find professional physiotherapist as well.


A Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the most important operative procedures that is aimed at alleviating limited mobility and pain in the knees and restoring mobility to patients. Before opting for this type of surgery, it is important to know the things that can be expected during the process of recovery. Here are 4 important stages involved in this type of operation.

Post-surgery period in hospital

After Knee Replacement surgery, recovery begins immediately. Many patients have to remain in the hospital for a couple of days after the process. Hospital staffs generally offer medicines to alleviate pain, and they also like to restore mobility to knee joint. It begins minimally, even when the leg just dangles from the bed. Such type of mobility is important for beginning the process of recovery.

Recuperation at home

With a brief hospital stay after a major surgery such as this, the process of recovery will be at home actually. After you come back to the general routine, you have to practice stability and balance. Basic tasks such as sitting, standing, taking a bath, moving between rooms etc are involved in the recuperative process.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Doctors often prescribe outpatient physical therapy to patients, to assist in knee joint rehabilitation. Therapists begin with increasing mobility over a period. At times, they can also advise carrying out some workouts at home with no help from a therapist. Generally, this is when you move ahead with outpatient therapy and can carry out strict movements safely, on your own.

Physical Activity and Workouts

In the stage of recovery, the ultimate step is to reincorporate into a standard workout regimen, and participating in your usual physical activities. It is generally advised around 8 to 12 weeks following such an operative procedure. This is generally the amount of time taken to find stability in your knee again. Although you might be given the nod to get back to standard workout habits, your joint does not generally get recovered completely for as long as 1 year following an operation. Thus, you would like to exercise caution for a long time.

All these 4 stages constitute the recovery process after replacement surgery for knees. Expert orthopedic surgeons inform patients about what should be expected during, prior to and after any such operative process. It helps cure the anxiety sensations related to this kind of surgery, as well as get ready for what lies ahead.


The surgery is one of the crucial parts of an individual’s life. Knee replacement is one of the vital procedures where recovery and rehabilitation are very important. Even if the surgery is successful if in some case if the recovery procedure is not proper there is a good chance that you have to compromise with the result of the surgery. There are certain stages right after the surgery of knee replacement which the patient and the family members need to follow.


Activity within 24 hours after surgery

Once your knee replacement surgery is done, a particular person or a physical therapist will be assigned to you. He/she will guide you and help you to take a few steps with the help of a walker. Now, there is a difference between the individual who stands up and starts walking immediately after the surgery with those who cannot do so. If you can stay active and belong to the previous category there is a good chance that you will recover soon.


What should you do after returning home?

In most of the cases, the individual going through the knee replacement surgery gets discharge and reaches home after 2-3 days after the surgery.  But, there are cases where some patient reaches to rehabilitation centres. This happens when there is a chance that the patient won’t get enough care and nursing at home.


In most of the cases, the majority of patient resume their work just after six weeks of surgery. But, again it matters whether only one or both your knees went for surgery. If the replacement is for a single knee the time taken will be less. Again, if it for both the knees the time is taken for recovery will be more.

The Orthopedic doctor will suggest some knee strengthening exercise after he/she leaves for home. Also, there are some medicines which some patients need to take in order to get complete pain relief.


When to start driving?

Today, most of the people drive as it becomes convenient for them to travel in their own car rather than moving with the public conveyance. Now, what will happen if the person who drives has gone through the knee replacement? In such a situation it is important to see the particular knee where the replacement is taking place. If that is so, it is important to take rest for some time. Once he/she is fit, the driving can be started.


When to return to an active lifestyle?

 The knee replacement is just like maintenance of your old car. Your knee will be very capable to go ahead with several different types of activities. It is quite easy to get back to the active lifestyle schedule. Some of the activities which you can adopt are cycling, swimming, golfing, slow-paced tennis, etc.


There are certain activities that are now allowed for the people who have gone through the knee replacement. Those are playing football, playing basketball and jogging.


People, these days, spend most of the day sitting on their work desk. This puts everyone at a risk because they sit in a poor posture for a prolong time period thereby causing discomfort and pain. We share some tips that can ease one’s back and neck while at work…


  • Sit in Good Posture

When working at the desk, you should sit straight keeping the feet flat on the ground. Keep the head in neutral position so that the ears are directly above the shoulders. The back, shoulders and head should not bend forward. Sitting in good posture distributes the weight perfectly through sit bones.

  • Adjust Keyboard and Monitor Height

The computer monitor should be placed right in front of the user with his nose at the centre of the screen. If the monitor is at a low position, then your head will bend downward and it will stress the neck. For laptop users, it is best to use one secondary monitor. Again, the keyboard should be close enough so that the elbows remain at 900 angle while typing. Place the keyboard at a high position to ensure that shoulders do not slump down for touching the keys.

  • Limit the Use of Phone Screen

Nowadays, people extensively use tablets and mobile phones and as a result, they bend the heads forward for mailing or texting using the touchscreen. Bending forward and holding that posture to look at a device for a long time can cause pain in the muscles in short term and might lead to joint injuries or discs problem in the long run. Using desktop computer instead of phone for answering emails is a better option.

  • Try to Stand More

Sitting continuously in a chair might appear simple but it causes fatigue. The longer one sits, the more difficult it becomes for him to hold the good posture. Therefore, the only solution is, every individual should spend one hour or two, if not more, to stand on their feet as an alternative to sitting. One can use a standing desk, if possible. There are also affordable desktop converters that can temporarily convert a desk into stand-up one.

  • Walk or Move Around

An individual should walk in the office after every hour or less to lower the chance for developing shoulder, neck and back pain. An easy way of doing this is by setting an alarm on the smartphone that will ring after every 30 minutes.

These tips will surely help an individual to experience less pain in the neck, back and shoulder and hence, have a productive day.

Find the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Kolkata for your neck and back pain treatment.


Whether you are working in an office or a housewife, spine-related issues can affect anyone at any time. Avoiding it completely is impossible. By following a few activities, you can keep your spine healthy and stay away from spine-related injuries. Apart from the long office hours, sitting on the sofa for a long time to watch your favourite TV show can hurt your spine too. If you are experiencing pain in your spine area, then visiting an expert is the best solution, however, when you don’t have any spine issue and want to keep your spine healthy, then start following these habits from today—

Right posture:

Maintaining the right posture is the basic thing to keep your spine healthy. Whether you are sleeping or sitting, keep your posture in check. Don’t sit continuously for a long time. If you are associated with any work which makes you to sit in the same posture for a long time, avoid that or take a break of few minutes. You can stretch your shoulder and arms for a break.

Exercises for spinal health:

Another important habit that you can start is exercising. Take some time out in the morning or evening and practice yoga or exercise that can improve your spinal health. Hiring a trainer can help you in doing these activities, remember, while exercising, take a break and drink water to stay hydrated.

Foods for spinal health:

As there are special diet plans for diabetes and weight loss, adding a few special foods in your food habit can improve your spinal health too. Try to eat balanced food. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your plate and diary items that are high in calcium are must-have for you. Add cheese, milk, yoghurt in your diet. These foods will improve your bone health and give you strength. To solve your queries on the diet plan and to improve your spinal health, you can visit an expert dietician. As the person is experienced, he or she will be the best one to consult with.

Is your spine okay? If you are not facing any pain or other spine-related issues, then you can follow the mentioned simple habits and if you are facing any uneasy in your spine area, then find the best spine care hospital now to treat the issue. To solve pain-related issues, you can visit the Joint and Bone Care Hospital, (JBCH) Kolkata. The Orthopedic doctors Kolkata of JBCH will surely give you relief from the illness.


The human being can walk, move, bend, stoop, and twist with the help of hip and bone coordination. The proper movement of joints plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the entire body structure. Hip bone is one of the vital parts of the human body without which major body movement will become restricted. Following are some common causes of hip pain:


  1. Trochanteric Bursitis – People having this physical condition will get inflammation of the bursa. This leads to degeneration of the soft tissues around the hip. This takes place at the outer portion of the hip joints.


  1. Osteonecrosis- When the body has blood that is extremely inadequate this issue can take place. Since the cells and bones get very less blood, the cells are likely to die. This may lead to the collapse of the bone.


  1. Hip labral tear- The function of the labrum is none other than holding the ball of the vital bone-in thigh. Also, the position of holding should be right at the hip socket. But, when there are conditions like frequent movement, trauma, etc, the tears of the labrum takes place.


  1. Fracture of hip- The aged people with the issue of osteoporosis can get hip fractures. If the fracture is severe, the treatment is surgery. There is a system of repairing it through a metal plate.


  1. Stress fracture- This physical condition is common among athletics or sportsperson. People participating in high impact sports can get into this trouble.


  1. Snapping hip syndrome- This is a single term used for 3 types of problems in the hips. The IT band snapping above and exterior of the thigh causes the first problem. The deep hip flexor impulsive over the front portion of the hip joint is the second one. Again the 3rd one is due to tears in the labrum, cartilage, etc.


  1. Tendonitis- The fibrous structure exists around the bones and muscles which are known as tendons. This portion can become inflamed, swollen as well as irritated. As a result, extreme pain takes place,


When to seek treatment?

 Several symptoms will notify the right time to seek treatment. Following are some of them:

  • An injury due to sudden fall that triggers hip bone.
  • Sudden pain in the hip
  • An intense pain
  • Swelling and redness in the respective area
  • On hearing of popping sound in bones

If you are suffering from hip pain then find the best Orthopedic doctor in Kolkata for your hip replacement surgery.

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