Whether you are working in an office or a housewife, spine-related issues can affect anyone at any time. Avoiding it completely is impossible. By following a few activities, you can keep your spine healthy and stay away from spine-related injuries. Apart from the long office hours, sitting on the sofa for a long time to watch your favourite TV show can hurt your spine too. If you are experiencing pain in your spine area, then visiting an expert is the best solution, however, when you don’t have any spine issue and want to keep your spine healthy, then start following these habits from today—

Right posture:

Maintaining the right posture is the basic thing to keep your spine healthy. Whether you are sleeping or sitting, keep your posture in check. Don’t sit continuously for a long time. If you are associated with any work which makes you to sit in the same posture for a long time, avoid that or take a break of few minutes. You can stretch your shoulder and arms for a break.

Exercises for spinal health:

Another important habit that you can start is exercising. Take some time out in the morning or evening and practice yoga or exercise that can improve your spinal health. Hiring a trainer can help you in doing these activities, remember, while exercising, take a break and drink water to stay hydrated.

Foods for spinal health:

As there are special diet plans for diabetes and weight loss, adding a few special foods in your food habit can improve your spinal health too. Try to eat balanced food. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your plate and diary items that are high in calcium are must-have for you. Add cheese, milk, yoghurt in your diet. These foods will improve your bone health and give you strength. To solve your queries on the diet plan and to improve your spinal health, you can visit an expert dietician. As the person is experienced, he or she will be the best one to consult with.

Is your spine okay? If you are not facing any pain or other spine-related issues, then you can follow the mentioned simple habits and if you are facing any uneasy in your spine area, then find the best spine care hospital now to treat the issue. To solve pain-related issues, you can visit the Joint and Bone Care Hospital, (JBCH) Kolkata. The Orthopedic doctors Kolkata of JBCH will surely give you relief from the illness.

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