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5 Tips To Improve Back Health for Executives

April 12, 2019 by admin0

Executive spine health deterioration has been a raging issue over the past couple of decades. Hundreds of office goers spending at least eight hours of their day scrunched up in their office chairs have been victim to some form of spinal issues that may have started with mild pains but eventually lead to severe problems like deformities, chronic pains and even slipped discs for that matter. Very severe cases that have till date, paved way for intrusive procedures like surgeries and heavy medication have been witnessed in cases where poor postures were topped with poor diet and lack of moderate back exercises.

Given the fact that spinal issues can lead to heavily compromised lifestyle, it is imperative to take the matter seriously right from day one. Here are a few tried and tested effective tips for executive back/spinal health improvement that you can start with right away for outstanding results…

Tips to improve back health while in office:

1) Don’t sit… stand and work instead. As per spinal health experts sitting for long hours cause very serious back pains and long terms spinal health issues. Therefore, if you have a desk job, make sure that you stand up often. In fact, you can mount your computer/laptop on a high desk and work while standing. This will go a long way to keep your back in shape.

2) Use back braces. If you have developed mild to moderate pains already, there is no shame in wearing back braces to the office. Back braces not only offer support to your spine, they also ensure keeping back upright in the best posture while preventing you from slouching. Back braces are in fact, the best tools for posture correction.

3) Devote time to in-office exercises. Yes… more and more responsible companies are urging their executives to devote 10 to 15 minutes at least to office workouts that requires minimum space and can be done while sitting down as well. Approach a trained professional for guidance and start immediately. This can be the best gift you could give to your spine.

4) Use ergonomic chairs. These chairs are designed to support your back and keep your spine in best posture while you are sitting. They are very comfortable too but not soft enough that you will sink in or slouch.

5) Carry nutritious homemade lunch. Your musculoskeletal system requires proper nutrition that is rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium, magnesium etc. These are dietary/nutritional components that are usually missing from processed food. Healthy fats including Omega 3 can be a blessing for your bone/spine health. Therefore, it is best that you also take proper supplements with your meals to meet daily nutritional requirements for spine health.

While at home.:

  • Better sitting arrangement – If there is a couch in your house that makes you slouch, it may be time to get rid of it and invest in a firmer and more ergonomic option. The idea is to keep good posture and stay away from sitting for long hours.
  • Improve on sleeping posture – Sleeping postures can contribute massively to improving spine health. This includes investing in proper mattresses and pillows as well. The idea is to ensure that you maintain a position that keeps your spine in its original shape. This way, you can heal while you sleep.
  • Start your day with exercises – 15 minutes of stretches and strength exercises after you wake up is all you need to maintain perfect spine health. It will also keep your energy up all day and prevent fatigue or lethargy.

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