Patients who are suffering from RA are well aware of the consequences of the illness. Controlling inflammation is another hassle that RA patients face commonly. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic health disorder in which the immune system attacks tissues, creates inflammation and develops pain in joint areas or sometimes throughout the entire body. Though modern medical science has ample treatment and medications options to cure inflammation and RA, trying an appropriate diet along with medication will not cost you anything extra. Hence, to know what to eat and what to not, continue your reading here—


Like cauliflower, this vegetable is a must to include in your winter food routine. It has vitamins K and C and it is rich in calcium too. You can add this into your soup or just make curry by adding other vegetables. As it is rich in vitamin C, your immune system will get the required strength easily and the chance of inflammation will reduce.


When talking about seasonal foods, onion is available almost throughout the year. Though it is considered as a spice more than a vegetable, Indian cuisine is incomplete without it. Rich in antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties, a piece of onion in salad or curry can do wonders for RA patients.


Saying no to the reddish, pretty looking fruit is just next to impossible for many children, however, when you will get to know the role of this amazing fruit in reducing your inflammatory issues, then you will feel the same. It contains vitamin C, folate and antioxidant which can reduce RA. Have a bowl of this fruit after your lunch or make a fruit salad with it to keep inflammation at bay.


Another amazing fruit to have on summer days is watermelon. You can add this to fruit salad or just have it without any seasoning in your breakfast. It has vitamin A, C and lots of natural water. It is a great fruit to stay hydrated. Sliced watermelon can be eaten anytime in the day and can be carried as a  tiffin too.


Like onions, garlic is available throughout the year and you can add this to your daily food routine easily. The sulfur compounds of garlic can reduce inflammation and gives you better health. Add chopped garlic in your curry, sauces, roasted vegetables, soups to enjoy the benefits of garlic.


Having medicines is essential when you are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, following an appropriate diet can give you quick relief too. Visit JBCH to consult with the best Rheumatoid Arthritis specialists and have better health.

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