Orthopedic Hospital In Kolkata

Along with the advancements in the medical field, the surgical processes have also become advanced. That’s why in several health issues, doctors recommend surgeries to help the patients get rid of the discomfort. Nowadays, it has become a part of routine treatment, especially in the field of orthopedics. Some orthopaedic surgeries are commonly recommended by doctors so that patients can have painless lives. If you go to the best orthopaedic hospital in Kolkata, you can be benefited from life-changing surgical procedures in the field of orthopedics that can help you to get back to your normal life.

Nowadays, surgeries are nothing dangerous. They are completely safe and have a high success rate, mainly if you rely on a reliable doctor.

Here, we have enlisted 5 common orthopaedic surgeries that are highly recommended by doctors.

1) Knee Replacement Surgery

This is a common orthopaedic surgery that will help to restore the normal range of motion of your knee. Suppose your knee joints have got damaged due to any incident or severe arthritis. In that case, this surgical replacement will help return your knee joints to their previous state and eliminate the pain and inflammation. In this surgery, the articular cartilage of one or both knees is replaced with artificial materials. Nowadays, it is done by using the most advanced methodology called arthroplasty.

2) Hip Replacement Surgery

It is another common surgery that helps patients get back to their hips’ normal range of motion. In this hip replacement surgery, the ball portion of the hip joint is replaced with an artificial ball called the femoral head cap. Doctors make a socket by removing the bone from the pelvis called the hip socket. After that, the ball is fitted inside that socket. Depending on your other medical conditions and your doctor’s recommendations, the socket can be replaced with a metal or plastic socket. It is prescribed to people who deal with this problem and have difficulties moving the joints of their hips.

3) ACL Surgery

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery is another surgical procedure that doctors commonly recommend. In this surgical procedure, the torn ACL is replaced with a graft, usually a piece of tendon taken from another part of the body. Usually, the hamstring tendon or patellar tendon is used for this purpose. It replaces the torn ligament completely, and an incision is made to insert the graft, and then it is secured using stitches and staples. The person can take several weeks to get back to normal life, and the process can range from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the speed of healing of the patient and how much pain the patient feels after the surgery.

4) Joint fusion

According to knowledgeable orthopaedic doctors in Kolkata, it is a common surgery prescribed to patients dealing with severe arthritis or any other disease that can affect the joints. In this surgical procedure, two or more bones in the body are joined, and the procedure is usually performed arthroscopically. In this procedure, the damaged bones are replaced with artificial material that can be plastic, metal, or ceramic. It can restore the motion of the joints and eliminate the pain associated with the condition.

5) Shoulder Replacement Surgery

It is another common orthopaedic surgical procedure that also functions to restore damaged joints. This surgical procedure functions to restore the damaged part of the shoulder by replacing it with artificial joints that can be made of plastic or metal. It is used to reduce the pain and increase the motion of shoulder joints. This process is usually prescribed to people dealing with pain in their shoulder joints.

Final words

There are several ways to deal with bone issues nowadays, and we are thankful for this amazing advancement in the science of surgery that has helped billions of people to get back to their normal lives. Though certain potential risks are always involved in these surgeries, you should talk to a reliable physician and take advice before opting for one. You should consider some things before and after the surgery, and that’s why expert guidance is always needed.

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