Knee replacement in Kolkata

Going up and down stairs creates extreme pressure on the knee joint and cap. Hence, nothing to be shocked about here if you face knee pain while walking on the stairs. Getting up and down stairs requires a combination of strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance of your body and knee. Any kind of inflammation, irritation, swelling, and damage can increase your knee pain. People who are struggling with this problem try to avoid stairs to reduce the pain. Knee replacement surgery in Kolkata can be the best solution to experience a quick result. Apart from that, a few changes can give you relief too. Here are the tips that will help you in reducing your knee pain on stairs—

Take one step at a time:

While you are facing pain in your knee on stairs, you have to control your movement. Don’t be in hurry. Try to take one step at a time. Though it will reduce your walking speed, however, the pressure on your knee will be less.

Use the right leg:

Using the right leg while using stairs can do a lot to reduce your pain. However, choosing the leading leg depends significantly on whether you are getting up or down. While you are getting down, use your bad leg, on the other hand, while you are going upstairs, it is better to use your good leg first. While you are trying to follow these tips, don’t forget to think about knee replacement surgery in Salt Lake. When trying the remedies are not enough to reduce your pain, it is better to consult with an expert orthopedic.

Help yourself with a stick:

Having extra support is always better to reduce your pain on stairs. You can use a crutch or a stick. You can take one step at a time while using support. You need to be careful about placing the crutch or stick on the right stair to avoid any accident.

Improve your strength:

When your muscles are weak, there is a huge chance that you will face knee pain-related issues. If your muscles fail to support your knee, the pressure will affect the knee bone and joint. This situation leads to pain. Your muscles may lack endurance and instantaneous strength. By improving your strength, you can solve the issue.

Located in Kolkata, Salt Lake, JBCH is a dedicated joint and bone care hospital. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and is associated with expert orthopedic doctors. Visit the clinic to solve all your knee pain-related issues.

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