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3 Effective Ways To Reduce Office Back Pain

September 15, 2021 by admin0

Is the sedentary nature of office job taking a toll on your body? Well, estimates reveal that almost 38 percent of all office workers suffer from back pain due to the constant sitting at their desks all day long. Office back pain is known to affect millions of Americans and this common problem always invites immense pain and discomfort. This may even cause serious limitations in life later. Thus, it’s crucial to understand the source of back pain and take necessary steps to alleviate it. Below are three essential things you must do to reduce your back pain from office.

1.     Establish a back-friendly workspace

The key step to getting relief from back pain is to create a comfortable office environment that doesn’t trigger back pain. It’s essential to ensure that you have an office chair with adjustable backrest and arms. Try to invest in a standing desk that will allow you to switch from sitting to standing throughout your work day as this is a proven means of avoiding back pain.

It’s important that you choose a chair that swivels so that you don’t twist and contort your spine and torso all through the day. Request your boss to arrange for an ergonomic keyboard so that you don’t stay hunched over it whole day. Creating such a back-soothing workspace is immensely important.

2.   Develop good habits

As most of the back pain is caused due to being stationed at one place, practicing suitable habits can prevent it. First of all, make sure to stay active throughout the day and take a break in every 60 minutes. Don’t forget to get up and stretch your legs and back.

When you walk, stay alert to maintain an upright posture rather than slouching. If your work involves making a lot of phone calls, use a hands-free phone to stop tilting your head and straining your neck continuously. Most importantly, remember to keep your movements steady and relaxed.

3.   Pay attention to posture

Maintaining good posture is a vital factor to avoid back pain. Active muscle use around your spine is beneficial to posture and pain management. Here are some tips to keep a proper posture at the office.

Make sure to keep your head and neck fully aligned above your shoulder. Your shoulders should be held back and square with your monitor. As you sit, remember to keep your back firmly against your chair’s backrest.

Keep your feet flat on the ground and completely avoid crossing your legs while you’re sitting at your desk to prevent the rise of back pain. As an ideal desk posture calls for 90 degree angle alignment of the knees, try to invest in a footrest to achieve this easily.

If you’re suffering from back pain, the right treatment can definitely provide you relief to make your back pain-free. But it’s essential that you follow these tips and guidelines to avoid developing a nasty back pain that restricts flexibility.

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